Norton Atlas Nomad Ranger 2018

Norton Atlas Nomad / Ranger (2018)

New two-cylinder enduro

The British motorcycle brand Norton wants to expand its model range. Now the two-cylinder enduro Norton Atlas 650 has been presented in two versions.

With the NOTOrton V4 RR, the British around Norton owner Stuart Garner already have a hot superbike at the start, but also a very exclusive one. Garner also wants to enter the volume market and has had an in-line twin cylinder developed for Norton. It is now celebrating its premiere in the newly introduced Norton Atlas models.

Newly developed two-cylinder

The 650 cc twin, derived from the V4 engine, relies on a crank pin offset of 270 degrees, two overhead camshafts and a balance shaft. The bore is specified with 82 mm, the stroke with 61.5 mm and the compression with 11.5: 1. The two-cylinder is fed by injection, controlled with a ride-by-wire system. 84 hp are mentioned as output, which should only be available after 11,000 turns. The maximum torque is 64 Nm.

Ranger with long suspension travel

The two-cylinder is embedded in an environment that appears as a mixture of enduro and scrambler. The steel perimeter chassis is combined with a cast aluminum swing arm and an upside-down fork. The Atlas is offered in the versions Ranger and Nomad, which differ slightly technically.

The Ranger’s wheelbase is 1,470 mm and the dry weight 178 kilograms. The fully adjustable 50 mm road holder fork comes with 200 mm of travel. The roadholder central spring strut, which can only be adjusted in the preload and is linked via a lever, also offers 200 mm of spring travel. The long spring travel leads to a seat height of 867 mm. When braking, the Atlas models rely on a 320 double disc system with radially attached Brembo calipers on the front wheel. A 245 mm disc with two-piston calipers supports the rear.

Wire spoke wheels keep road contact. The 19-inch front wheel has a 120/70 tire, while a 170/60 tire is mounted on the 17-inch rear wheel rim. The 15-liter tank is molded from composite material, the fenders are made from sheet aluminum. there is also an engine protection pan and a small lamp cover.

Atlas Nomad is more street oriented

Unlike the Ranger, the Atlas Nomad has suspension travel reduced to 150 mm, a wheelbase reduced to 1.446 mm and a seat height lowered to 824 mm. In addition, the Nomad is equipped with an 18-inch wire-spoke wheel with a 110/80 tire at the front. A 17-inch rim continues to rotate at the rear, but it has a 180/55 tire. The engine guard and the window are not used.


The Nomad competes with a smaller front wheel and reduced suspension travel.

What they both have in common is the complete LED lighting, the high tubular handlebar and the rear silencer that is raised to the side. There was also a tie in the edition. Of both models, which are available in 5 colors, a first series for 2019 will each produce 250 copies. Norton later hopes to sell around 2,000 copies a year. The price for the Nomad is quoted at 12,000 euros, the Ranger starts at 14,500 euros. The machines can now be pre-ordered for a deposit of £ 500. Deliveries in England are to take place from May 2019. The Euro4 homologated models for the rest of Europe will follow from December 2019.

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