Novelties – Novelties 2016: a mini Z125 at Kawasaki – First “big” novelty Kawasaki

New in 2016: a mini Z125 at Kawasaki

Novelties - Novelties 2016: a mini Z125 at Kawasaki - First & quot; big & quot; new Kawasaki

Kawasaki will unveil a brand new and tiny motorcycle in Milan: the Z125. The Greens are very clearly attacking the Honda MSX and, for this, are working hard with an automatic version and a manual “ Pro ”. Presentation and video.

First "big" Kawasaki novelty

Launched in 2010, the has not met its public in France and has since left the Kawasaki France catalog quietly … Apart from their stainless KLX 125, the Greens therefore did not offer a 125 cc motorcycle. road to French bikers …. But that should change in 2016 !

In Japan and in the countries of Southeast Asia, motorcyclists shudder at the idea of ​​riding a brand new and tiny motorcycle: the Z125! Hyper compact and therefore particularly suited to emerging markets, it has a good chance of being offered in our territory..

Contacted by Site, Kawasaki France unfortunately cannot "absolutely nothing to say about this bike"… Info, photos, video: it’s the embargo! On the web however – including on the YouTube channel" Kawasaki "! -, the 2016 novelty is already on display. So why go without ?

Site readers – who, as everyone knows, are a little more fortunate than others – remember that in 2013, Honda had successfully launched its: sold 777 copies in France the first year, this "Dax 2.0" still generated 390 registrations in the last nine months (read our).

Good in France, colossal in Indonesia or Thailand, Honda’s sales scores logically decided Kawasaki to release its own mini motorcycle … or rather two: the automatic Z125 and its twin with manual transmission, the Z125 "Pro".

Measuring 1.70 m long, the two small bikes have two 12-inch wheels and 200 mm front and 184 rear discs – cut "petal", please – which should brake without difficulty their 101 kg announced all full facts.

Honey, they shrunk the Zed !

The maximum power of the single cylinder is not – yet – announced, but that is not the important thing. Because the "Zed" relies above all on its face to seduce: manga look, inverted fork, sharp trim, short and low pot, double Z brake light … The kids are likely to get serious !

Second determining factor which remains to be discovered: the price, which should not exceed the 3,249 € of the "Mini Street X-treme" of the Tokyo Reds … We know, however, that the Z125 is available in three colors well known by Greens fans: Green "Candy Lime", Orange "Candy Burnt" and Gray "Metallic Graphite".

While waiting to see it "for real" at the Milan show then at the Paris show, Site offers on the following page the promotional clip of this first little big novelty Kawasaki 2016, which succeeds the …

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