Novelties – Novelties 2016: Indian expands its custom range with the Scout Sixty – Used INDIAN

New in 2016: Indian expands its custom range with the Scout Sixty

Novelties - Novelties 2016: Indian expands its custom range with the Scout Sixty - Used INDIAN

Thanks to its takeover by the giant Polaris, Indian has a solid foundation to regain success, both technically and financially. The legendary American brand takes the opportunity to (re) attack its "old" rival Harley-Davidson on all fronts, especially with its new Scout Sixty unveiled at the motorcycle show …

Little Scout, big ambitions ! 

After having brilliantly reinvested the field of custom with its new Chief available in multiple versions (), Indian has broadened its base via a more accessible custom of 1133 cc with a surname just as steeped in history: the. Using the same engine and chassis basis, the new Scout Sixty is the new – and attractive – entry level.

With a few details, the Scout Sixty is identical to the Scout "all-short" revealed last summer, except that it sports less chrome and more black parts (frame, swingarm, rims sticks, etc.).

The most significant change is in the engine, a water-cooled, injected, 60 ° open v-twin, whose stroke is reduced from 99 to 93 mm while the bore remains at 73.6 mm..

This reduction results in a drop in displacement of 1133 cc on the "big" Scout to 999 cc on the new Scout Sixty, so named in reference to its displacement measurement across the Atlantic (60 cubic inches). The performances are "mechanically" revised downwards, going from 100 hp and 97 Nm of torque to 78 hp and 88.8 Nm. Values ​​which remain rather flattering for a custom.

By the way, the v-twin of this 2016 novelty – still as elegant with its worked and polished casings – adopts a 5-speed gearbox, instead of 6 on the original model. The final transmission remains faithful to a belt, while the tire dimensions are reasonable enough to suggest a natural dynamic behavior: 130/90/16 at the front and 150/80/16 at the rear.

The single-seater leather saddle is located at the same height (643 mm), a particularly low value that small riders will appreciate. Enough to facilitate maneuvering with the engine off with this motorcycle announced at 256 kg, only a small kilo less than the 1133 cc Scout !

Threat on the Sportster…

Available in cream white, red or black and guaranteed for 5 years (like all Indian and Victory models), the Scout Sixty is priced at € 11,590 (and not € 11,990 as the manufacturer had initially announced by mistake. ) against € 13,650 for its oldest child. This price is particularly well studied, the place right between the (€ 9,990) and the (€ 12,290).

The fight is therefore far from over between the two "old" American manufacturers (founded in 1901, Indian praises its two-year precedence on Harley by passing quickly through its periods of bankruptcy)…

Moreover, even if the Scout Sixty costs around 2,000 euros more than rivals of slightly lower displacement like the (883 cc) and the (942 cc), this difference is smoothed out by its superior mechanical efficiency: the block developed thanks to the power of the Poloris group spits some 25 hp and a big ladle of additional torque !

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