On the road of the worlds – Motorcycle tour in Mongolia – Stage 1: from Vincennes to Lucerne – Used HONDA

Motorcycle tour in Mongolia – Stage 1: from Vincennes to Lucerne

On the road of the worlds - Motorcycle tour in Mongolia - Stage 1: from Vincennes to Lucerne - Used HONDA

Party for a big motorcycle trip in Mongolia to live in episodes on MNC, Enzo sends us his first report from Lucerne (Switzerland).

Hello dear MNC readers,

My last article in the context of this motorcycle trip entitled "" goes back a long time for one and only reason: health … Indeed, a few days before leaving, I felt a lump in the tailbone and the result was final: pilonidal cyst! It is an infected ball of fat, which bothered me when sitting and hurt me when riding a motorcycle. After reflection, I decided to have my operation and opt for the two-month convalescence which would allow me to leave 100%..

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Which seemed essential to me for a trip like this. So it’s two months later, on May 21, that I make my big departure !

I finally chose to take more motorcycle equipment and remove certain accessories (including the JBL speaker, which had made several of you jump to the ceiling!) And above all to balance the beast as well as possible to have a pleasant drive.

So I left with:

  • 2 side boxes from 10 and 13 kg each
  • a business bag
  • a tank bag
  • a bottle cage built manually to be able to hang the bottle at the front and balance everything

On the road of the worlds - Motorcycle tour in Mongolia - Stage 1: from Vincennes to Lucerne - Used HONDA

The feeling of going so far is quite strange … I admit not realizing it for the moment, because ultimately the change of scenery is very gradual. My first night was spent in Strasbourg and even if I had never set foot there, it remains in France.


I did have that feeling of fear that teased me the last weekend before I left, but it was more of a mixture of excitement and moments where you think you’re going to have to stop procrastinating. for everything and for nothing. Once on the roads, I went directly to Strasbourg where I was greeted by a nice storm to welcome me to Alsace but which casually tired me a lot.

This city has a crazy charm! It keeps a "village" aspect in its center and the absence of cars makes the visit really pleasant! And this cathedral is so imposing! It’s crazy that a building so detailed in its architecture is so big and so tall! It is like the Taj Mahal: the beauty of the building makes it almost unreal. It was a very good surprise because when I arrived in Strasbourg, I saw it from a distance, but it looked more like a kind of very high tower and did not seem to me as wide as it is up close. Fortunately, once I got there, all my prejudices were gone and I was able to face the facts: this cathedral is a real gem !

I am really impressed with the handling of the. I knew this bike was just waiting to eat up the miles, but at this point … it’s very reassuring! However, it is true that its big flaw is the city: it doesn’t like it at all and it heats up quickly, especially when it’s loaded. But as a lover of curves and turns, I avoid as much as possible the cities that I quickly find boring.


Two days after my arrival in Strasbourg, I took the road again towards Lucerne (Switzerland). It is a small medieval town from the 13th century which is located in the middle of the mountains, in a small valley crossed by a lake which gives it a certain charm..

After having traversed the whole city on foot, I went on a motorbike to a small mountain which overlooked the whole city and gave access to an exceptional panorama. The sunset lights of the sun revealed idyllic colors that made the moment unique and timeless.

Not far from me, the sound of bells around the necks of the cows rocked the end of the day while the century-old farms made the setting bucolic. I had never been to Switzerland in my life and it is true that riding a motorbike is very pleasant..

All these landscapes which pass are a delight to admire. And then, each bend has its share of surprises: sometimes a deep blue lake wedged between the mountains, sometimes a green plain bordered by farms and sheep, or even a breathtaking view of the mountains whose eternal snows me. fascinate and remind me of how nature is the most precious possession we have on earth.

Soon I will be leaving to explore Italy and I will take the opportunity to satisfy myself with all the culinary specialties: !


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