On the road of the worlds – Travel in Mongolia: Enzo presents his motorbike and his equipment – Used HONDA

Trip to Mongolia: Enzo presents his motorcycle and his equipment

On the road of the worlds - Travel in Mongolia: Enzo presents his motorcycle and his equipment - Used HONDA

Leaving for Mongolia during a motorcycle trip to live in episodes on MNC, Enzo presents his motorcycle – a Honda Transalp from 2009 – and its equipment.

Hello readers !

This time, after one of my next motorcycle trip entitled "", I will reveal to you a little about my motorcycle and the equipment with which I will be leaving in March 2018. We will start with the equipment of the motorcycle and mine, then video equipment, and we will go over the daily equipment that I have found useful to take with me.

The motorbike

I chose a 700 XLV from 2009, which I bought used with 20,000 km on the clock.

Why a Transalp? First of all for its reputation – which has been confirmed since my acquisition – as a so-called "tireless" motorcycle. Another advantage over all new bikes is that it is not electronically shielded, which was very important to me. Far from being a good mechanic, I thought to myself the following: if, in the middle of Uzbekistan I need to have the motorcycle repaired, the mechanic must find his way around his mechanics and that he doesn’t have 30 electronic points to settle before! So, exit the magnificent Honda and other motorcycles as equipped as a fighter plane.

It will of course be equipped with side cases and a top case. Little more that I will try to add: a luggage rack for the top case in order to be able to add a "soft" bag.

Note: I will try to keep the bike as "light" as possible. I already know that one of my sponsors will provide me with spare parts, but I would like to keep the overload to the "union minimum". I have not yet seen if this is absolutely necessary, but I still wonder if I should bring a pair of front and rear tires, or if it is not better to order on site from a specialized site… 

I am not taking a tank bag for the sake of maneuverability, and so as not to burden myself with an additional bag: with already three top boxes, a soft toy bag and a backpack, I think I will already be largely invaded !

What remains to be installed on the motorcycle:

  • A cigarette lighter to recharge batteries while driving
  • A luggage rack
  • A graphic kit to modify in the colors of the sponsor West Coast Moto
  • Various spare parts for the motorcycle

Pilot equipment

  • Helmet: a simple helmet, the matt black XTrace, breathable and with a very practical sun visor
  • Shoes: no motorcycle shoes but a pair of Magnums which are pretty lame after several days in the rain, but too bad…
  • Jacket: A lightweight, shell jacket that I cover with a waterproof jacket in case of rain. I chose it for its breathability and its lightness. I didn’t think it was necessary to buy a € 800 jacket when I will just have to buy a large one at € 150 which will do the same job.
  • Pants: I will take my fatigues, nothing shelled but comfort is important to me. 
  • Gloves: a pair of Gore-Tex gloves that will protect my hands from humidity and rain

Daily equipment

  • 3 pants
  • 3 pairs of shoes (Magnums, army shoes rather comfortable but not waterproof for a penny!) I paid for them 100 bullets so I’m going to take them, but don’t make the same mistake as me: buy something else !
  • Lightweight shoes: in the evening or in the morning before leaving, you have to make your feet breathe and spare them. Flip-flops are always useful and they follow me everywhere, wherever I go !
  • 5/6 t-shirts
  • 2 warm sweaters
  • 8 pairs of socks because having dry and clean feet is the most important !
  • A Gore-Tex jacket to put over my gear when it rains
  • A duvet
  • An ultra light tent bought in Japan
  • A stove and a saucepan
  • A JBL speaker
  • IPhone
  • A MacbBok Air

Video equipment

The video equipment is expensive, I only found the Val-de-Marne to kindly finance an on-board camera: the. My ambition was to buy a Panasonic GH4, but unfortunately, unless a sponsor is interested in funding me this little gem, I will stay on my current model: the Canon 70D, a robust war machine that makes the job more than good but which is a little outdated in terms of functions (I insist, it remains great when traveling).

So here is my current gear:

  • Canon 70D + Micro Compact Rode mounted on a Joby tripod called "Gorilla Pod"
  • GoPro Hero 5 (on-board camera)
  • GoPro Hero 4 (backup camera)
  • Mavic Pro Drone
  • Macbook Air
  • 2T Travel Hard Drive (Shockproof)
  • A power strip

In short, the start is getting closer and closer: it’s exciting but super scary !

See you soon…

On the road of the worlds - Travel in Mongolia: Enzo presents his motorcycle and his equipment - Used HONDA


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