Portraits – Motorcycle film: Johann Zarco, the audacity of a champion by Bernard Fau –

Motorcycle film: Johann Zarco, the audacity of a champion by Bernard Fau

Portraits - Motorcycle film: Johann Zarco, the audacity of a champion by Bernard Fau -

Bernard Fau, a former motorcycle Grand Prix rider in the 1970s, presents his second feature film devoted to motorcycle racing: "Johann Zarco, the audacity of a champion". This film focused on the French rider, two-time Moto2 world champion, highlights his determination to win the MotoGP title… Presentation.

Double motorcycle speed ration for French fans this week: the first with the French Grand Prix – which will be held this weekend in front of an audience limited to 5,000 people -, the second with the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the film documentary "Johann Zarco, the audacity of a champion" produced and directed by Bernard Fau.

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“In some countries like Italy, England or Spain, the motorcycle rider is a recognized and publicized personality: we cannot yet say the same for France. Even if, thanks to Johann Zarco, it is evolving ", explains the former Grand Prix driver who became a director (read below).

Author of the feature film "Once upon a time in the Continental Circus", Fau delivers his second production with still as a backdrop a form of fascination for private riders … Let us recall that Johann Zarco started out in MotoGP within the Tech3 satellite team after having achieved the feat – never repeated since – to keep his Moto2 crown for two years in a row (2015 and 2016).

"It makes me dream again like Continental legends did in their time," explains Fau. "He is the current figure of a passion that lasts through the generations, with the desire to pass it on", believes the director who has turned in particular to Herve Poncharal and Guy Coulon of Tech3, but also to the former manager by Johann, Laurent Fellon.

Beginner of the year 2017, Johann Zarco is the perfect example of the talented and hardworking driver who made all the sacrifices to reach his goal. This film intends to retrace his extraordinary journey, successes and doubts with all the entirety specific to the future Ducati Pramac rider..

"Johann Zarco, the audacity of a champion" is available in DVD format at a price of 25 euros (+3 euros postage) or in Blu-Ray at 28 euros (+3 euros postage) on the official site "".

Bernard Fau

Born in Suresnes (92) in 1953, Bernard Fau is part of the "French generation" of French riders of the 70s who distinguished themselves in Grands Prix on private motorcycles: it was the era of the "Continental Circus", when "compe-clients" (p) repaired on the ground in the campsite could dream of exploits on Sunday…

Portraits - Motorcycle film: Johann Zarco, the audacity of a champion by Bernard Fau -

"I wanted to become the best" private pilot "in the world (…)", remembers Bernard Fau who started in hill climbing in 1971 before entering the GP500 in 1975. "Strangely, it is not the beautiful champion Agostini blessed by gods who attracts me but the private, solitary and independent ". 

Deprived of means, but no talents: this intense rivalry against powerful factory structures galvanized him throughout his career, which ended in 1984 "without money but alive", he describes modestly. Because all his compatriots at the time did not have this chance, starting with Patrick Pons and Michel Rougerie… 

Like many riders of that time, Bernard Fau retains the nostalgia of his years spent in the Continental Circus – marked by a nice 4th place in Germany on a private Suzuki 500 cc: it is only natural that he accepts to play. in the cult film "The Iron Horse" by Pierre-William Glenn.

Passionate about images, Fau created a special effects company in 1986 then became a still photographer, notably for the feature films "Mauvais sang" by Leos Carax then "Les Nuit Fauves" by Cyril Collard. From these experiences will begin to germinate the desire to make your own film…

This project gained momentum when he took over the handlebars of a racing motorbike in 2013 via classic races: "another challenge took hold, that of making a film that tells the story of the past in the present. Running to film and film to run ".

From this formula will emerge "Once upon a time the Continental Circus", while the genesis of another project starts in 2017 around Johann Zarco. Bernard Fau is also the author of the vibrant tribute to Fabrice Miguet "".

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