Practical – Paris inaugurates a new motorcycle parking lot –

Paris inaugurates a new motorcycle parking lot

Practical - Paris inaugurates a new motorcycle parking lot -

Paris is today inaugurating a new type of parking reserved for motorized two-wheelers. End of tolerance on the sidewalks? First step towards paid motorcycle parking? The answers of Denis Baupin, deputy mayor in charge of transport.

Two months after the installation of a prototype (read), Paris is today inaugurating its new type of parking reserved for motorized two-wheelers, located behind Square Trousseau in the 12th district. "Following our consultation with bikers, we received a hundred comments which allowed us to adopt the following choices, explains Colette Pibault, head of the road safety division at the Roads Department, detailing a long list of technical arrangements: 60 degree angle to the roadway, anti-theft arches 50 cm high, entry into reverse gear and single storey, specific sign at the entrance to the car park, reflectors fixed to the ground side of the road, marking on the ground between each location, separation island on each side of the car park, etc..

"We have also set up a kind of sausage at the back", specifies Denis Baupin, deputy mayor (Green) in charge of transport."This prevents the thing, there, what is it called ?"…"the top case !", whispered his press officer."Yes that’s it, the top case, it helps prevent the top case protruding onto the sidewalk".

Moto-Net: how much does it cost ?
Denis Baupin: for the same budget, this new type of parking will allow us to multiply the number of spaces because it only costs € 4,000 for 5 motorcycles, compared to € 15,000 for 8 to 10 motorcycles previously. We plan to create 1,000 new motorcycle spaces each year.

Moto-Net: is this a first step towards paid parking for motorcycles ?
Denis Baupin: the question was not raised and I do not wish to open the debate. But if the bikers ask, we’ll look into it! (Laughs).

Moto-Net: motorcycles are more and more fined for parking on the sidewalks whereas it was until now tolerated. Is this tolerance set to disappear ?
Denis Baupin: I invite you to ask the prefect, because this does not fall under the competence of the town hall but that of the police headquarters. It is not easy, because it is always to us that the question is asked !

Moto-Net: but if the parking lot is full, you have to park on the sidewalk !
Denis Baupin: no, you can go and find a free space in another car park, like motorists! Motorized two-wheelers are not the ideal solution for the city, they also have drawbacks in terms of noise and pollution. We have no incentive – or deterrent – policy with respect to motorized two-wheelers compared to other modes of travel. But if I had one advice for bikers when there are no specific locations, it is to be careful not to obstruct the passage of strollers, the disabled, the blind … have this concern in mind.

Moto-Net: how did you get here today ?
Denis Baupin: uh, every morning and every evening, I take the metro! But there, I came by car, collectively with my team, because we had to go fast … (Laughs).

Moto-Net: still no change on the circulation of motorcycles in the bus lanes ?
Denis Baupin: the city’s position on this subject is known! It is the same as that of the prefecture, the RATP and cyclists. Opening the bus lanes to motorcycles would be dangerous, including for the bikers themselves.

Moto-Net: yet we all do it !
Denis Baupin: I hope that the number of motorized two-wheelers in the bus lanes will decrease and we are going to experiment with a video surveillance system.

Moto-Net: security, video surveillance … Is it really a leftist policy? ?
Denis Baupin: there are no drivers on the right or on the left. Our role is that everyone’s safety is respected. And given the behavior of some bikers who believe themselves to be the kings of the road, the risk of accidents is high. Today, there is a huge lack of respect for the highway code. For example, 70% of motorists do not pay for paid parking. Everyone must respect the rules, I have no complex or qualms about it. And I don’t know if citizenship is right or left !


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