Practice – Honda Adventure Roads 2021: heading to Iceland! – Used HONDA

Honda Adventure Roads 2021: heading to Iceland !

Practice - Honda Adventure Roads 2021: heading to Iceland! - Used HONDA

After Norway in 2017 and South Africa in 2019, Honda is heading for the spectacular landscapes of Iceland for its third Adventure Roads, an eleven-day hike, nine of which on motorcycles, reserved for 30 European Africa Twin owners.. Presentation and program.

"The Honda Adventure Roads were created only for owners and customers of the Honda to experience the pleasure of the new CRF1100L in a new environment", explains the winged crest to introduce the third edition of its "raid" intended for enhance the excellent off-road skills of its maxi-trail.

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The journey scheduled for June 2021 will begin in Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland – and continue south before making a loop back to the starting point. Pass crossings, ford river crossings, rolling in the famous black sand specific to Icelandic volcanic regions: participants and motorcycles will be put to the test !

The thirty selected Africa Twin owners must be able to prove at least "five years of driving experience and be between 25 and 70 years old", specifies Honda, insisting on the sporty nature of its "roads of the ‘adventure ":" the course will be very difficult on certain days ". In short, a real hike, not a nice stroll with your nose in the wind to admire the scenery !

Official Honda riders will be responsible for coaching the participants on off-road riding and the multiple possibilities offered by the electronic assistance systems of the new Africa Twin, which notably offers electronically controlled suspensions in its high-end Adventure Sports version.. 

Formula (almost) all inclusive, even the motorcycle !

Good to know: the 5,000 euros requested to participate in these Honda Adventure Roads include the rental of an Africa Twin 2020 (standard, Adventure Sports or Adventure Sports with piloted suspensions). The 30 participants will thus discover the majestic Icelandic spaces without fear of damaging their own CRF1100 !

Practice - Honda Adventure Roads 2021: heading to Iceland! - Used HONDA

But beware: "a security deposit of € 1,500 will be taken two days before the start of the event," warns Honda, which will carry out a careful inspection of each motorcycle made available before returning this deposit. No question of letting go on the pretext that it is not about his machine !

"If the damage observed is considered to be unrelated to normal wear and tear, the cost of parts and labor will be billed to you within the limit of € 1,500", describe the organizers of this trip during which are covered ten nights’ accommodation, meals with drinks, fuel, transport, as well as mechanical and medical assistance.

However, this formula does not include plane tickets to Iceland. It should also be noted that this event is to be enjoyed solo, without a guest in the passenger seat of the Africa Twin: "due to the level of difficulty of the tracks, Honda Adventure Roads is not designed for the pilot to be accompanied by a passenger ". Really sorry, honey, but when gotta go, gotta go !

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