Premiere: BMW F 800 GS-F 650 GS

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Premiere: BMW F 800 GS-F 650 GS


Premiere: BMW F 800 GS / F 650 GS

Premiere: BMW F 800 GS / F 650 GS
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The expansion of the F 800 series brings a breath of fresh air to large enduros. The F 800 GS becomes a sporty competitor, and the two-cylinder F 650 GS replaces the successful single GS. What the F-chen can do, PS found out in the South African bush.

Robert luck


BMW F 800 GS

BMW launched the F series with its liquid-cooled in-line twin in 2006. The Bavarians broke new ground with this engine concept, after all, at BMW Twins, there had always been boxers and water-cooled engines either upright single-cylinder or horizontal multi-enders. But the advantages of the concept, which the British had cultivated as an air cooler until the early 1970s, are obvious: two cylinders, which are in line on a transverse crankshaft, enable narrow motorcycles and are shorter than a V-engine.

In the S and ST models, the 800 series engine surprised again and again because of its large airbox, which sits in front of the pilot instead of the tank, with a very powerful acceleration and a significant surcharge to the performance stated in the papers. This thrust in the upper speed range and a weight of around 200 kilograms left you with the topic of ?? F 800-Enduro ?? your mouth watering. In a few dreams there was hope of a KTM superenduro killer; Some even saw the Munich warhorse R 1200 GS in danger. And now that!

207 kg ready to drive, 82 arrows in the quiver, from 3000 rpm over 80 Nm on the shaft and 204 km / h top speed are in the data sheet. A look in the rearview mirror for comparison: the ancestor R 80 G / S from 1983 reinterpreted the enduro topic with 196 kg ready to drive, 50 hp, 57 Nm and a top speed of 157 km / h and founded the large enduro segment. A quarter of a century later, the technical data of the F 800 GS is somewhere between a Suzuki DL 650 and a Honda Varadero. But each is lighter and has significantly sportier genes than the aforementioned travel bombers. Rushed enough, up on the GS and pulled on the tap.

A seat height of 880 millimeters provides an overview of the bustle of traffic. Although the coupling offers an exact grinding point, it requires a high level of operating force, which is strenuous and makes dosing difficult. Thanks to good ergonomics, the driver can reach the handlebars even when he is in the notches. For fast off-road use with proper drift angles, the bar could be positioned a little higher. But more on that later, because 90 percent of BMW customers will probably never leave the asphalt with their GS.

Premiere: BMW F 800 GS-F 650 GS


Cock up and through. There is fun in the brisk course.

The eye-catching solution in terms of wheel sizes is also surprising: current travel enduros usually have 19-inch wheels at the front and 17-inch wheels at the rear, so there are plenty of touring tires to choose from. Enduros, on the other hand, use 21 inches at the front and 18 inches at the rear and can fall back on a lot of rough terrain. The F 800 GS combines a 21-inch front wheel with a 4.25-inch fat rear wheel and thus significantly limits the tire selection. Not ideal conditions for a touring motorcycle.

But on the road, the combination is very inconspicuous thanks to the non-slip and neutral initial tires from Bridgestone. A little pressure on the wide tubular handlebar lets the GS tilt neutrally and predictably. Once brought on course, it sharpens consistently on the desired line around the corner, even rough furrows or waves do not dissuade it. When the spring base is adjusted to the maximum, the BMW even touches down quite late with its side stand. It’s a nuisance in general: the recording is rough, the stand itself too long. The F 800 GS therefore rests on the support with very little inclination and pressure, and a gust of wind can easily knock it over. Parking turns into maneuvering work, especially in the area where perfectly level areas are rarely available.

If we forget the stand, we forget about flex and welding equipment. After a brisk chase over winding streets, the gravel road follows: GS feeling arises, the dust of the person in front tastes like Paris-Dakar. The bushes and the African huts in the corner of the eye reinforce this impression. With increasing speed, the BMW exudes the charm of a gentle tiger. The large front wheel confidently rolls over potholes, while the chassis swallows hard blows at the rear without grumbling. The suspension travel of 230 mm at the front and 215 at the rear is easily sufficient for quick passages. Only jumps or large heels bring the cushioning to its limits.

When it gets tight, the poorly metered clutch is noticeable again; because the engine also has little flywheel mass, it is stalled quite often.

Premiere: BMW F 800 GS-F 650 GS


Lifted off: the F 800 GS whets the appetite for adventure.

In general, the twin modified for the GS keeps a low profile. Recognizable from the outside: It is steeper in the frame, is only inclined 8 degrees forward. (For S and ST, ?? s are 30). But that is irrelevant; Much more important: It lacks the lively top performance that an F 800 S so beautifully displays; the kick that comes into play when the testosterone sloshes into the throttle hand. Exactly this little bit of extra power is completely lost on the GS motor: It always looks hard, feels confident up to 140 km / h, but becomes tough afterwards. On loose ground, drifts can be dosed well with the homogeneous increase in performance, but the drive appears toothless on asphalt. The pronounced engine braking torque is noticeable on gravel, which tends to lock the rear wheel and break out when downshifting before cornering. In general, the morals of the engine are rather uncultivated: It accelerates spontaneously, but only very hard; Vibrations can be felt over the entire speed range. In return, the transmission can be operated precisely and smoothly, and fuel consumption remains within a pleasant range. The Brembo stoppers work inconspicuously; in conjunction with the BMW ABS, they become a foolproof affair. As with the R 1200 GS, this can be switched off in order to satisfy the off-road driver.

The dust settles, the manifolds crackle softly. What remains after the first ride with the F 800 GS? It is definitely an asset to the big and touring enduro scene, and suits all those who are not in the mood for a sofa à la Honda Transalp or Suzuki V-Strom 650. These two weigh over 220 kg and would have broken into two parts after only half the amount of off-road work that we put on the F 800 GS. However, the BMW lacks consistency, because the chassis is much more sporty than the somewhat tired engine. The wheel sizes are symbolic of this middle ground between off-road and touring suitability. But maybe this is exactly the golden ratio that attracts long-distance travelers from the heavy R 1200 GS to the 800 cc. She deserved it.

BMW F 650 GS

Premiere: BMW F 800 GS-F 650 GS


You have to force the tame 650 to rise.

The two-cylinder F 650 GS, which is based on the F 800 GS, ends the successful history of the single-cylinder F 650 GS. From now on the F-series is Twin-Land and the 650 is an 800. Confused? PS with an attempt to explain.
Actually it is an understatement sham, offers more than you would expect: Where ?? 650 ?? it says 800 cubic meters. Where one cylinder used to work, there are now two, and where before 50 HP tugged at the chain, now 71 pulls. So why the understatement in the name? We have known for eons that there is no substitute for displacement ?? except through more displacement.

Let’s try to think like a marketing person and speculate a bit: In the near future, BMW will phase out the G series (single-cylinder) or its second brand, Husqvarna, which is known for enduros and single-cylinder engines Slide portfolio. A) BMW can position itself as a premium and multi-cylinder brand, and b) the successful name? F 650 ?? Keep it collision-free in the program.

Enough speculation, back to the tangible: the new F 650 GS marks the entry into the two-cylinder world of BMW. A tamer camshaft and an adapted mapping reduce the power to insurance-friendly 71 HP, a seat height of between 790 and 820 mm places short people close to the ground, building confidence; 179 kilograms dry weight allow even beginners to maneuver safely.

The 650 chassis is consistently designed for road use: a 19-inch model at the front, cast aluminum wheels and a conventional fork ensure safe and stable driving behavior on the asphalt, off-road use should be limited to the campsite lawn. The braking system of the 650s has also been slimmed down: the single 300 mm disc has the GS under control, the controllability and braking effect are at an acceptable level and, in combination with the ABS, are definitely well suited for beginners. The twin works very unspectacularly; the power reduction did not do him any good, because subjectively an almost 10 year old Suzuki SV 650 engine works more spontaneously and more powerfully. The F 650 GS looks like a gray mouse next to it.

Data BMW F 800 GS / F 650 GS

Premiere: BMW F 800 GS-F 650 GS


The Lord is my shepherd, the BMW F 800 GS my companion.

Two-cylinder in-line engine, 4 valves / cylinder, 63 kW (85 PS) at 7500 rpm * (52 kW (71 PS) at 7000 rpm *), 83 Nm at 5750 rpm (75 Nm at 4500 rpm *), 798 cm3, bore / stroke: 82.0 / 75.6 mm, compression: 12.0: 1, ignition / injection system, 46 mm throttle valves, mechanically operated multi-plate oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, chain, G-Kat

Landing gear:
Steel lattice frame, steering head angle: 64 degrees, caster: 117 (97) mm, wheelbase: 1578 (1575) mm, inner fork tube Ø: 45 (43) mm, spring travel f / h: 230/215 (180/170) mm

Wheels and brakes:
Wire spoke wheels with aluminum rims, 2.15 x 21 / 4.25 x 17 (2.50 x 19 / 3.50 x 17), front tires: 90 / 90-21, rear: 150/70 R 17 (front: 110/80 R 19, rear: 140/80 R 17), 300 mm double disc brake with two-piston floating calipers at the front (single-disc brake with two-piston floating caliper at the front), 265 mm double-piston floating caliper brake at the rear

Weight(dry): 185 (179) kg *, tank capacity: 16 liters super (of which reserve: n / a)

Price: from 9640 (7800) Euro, plus ancillary costs

News from the BMW Superbike

Premiere: BMW F 800 GS-F 650 GS


The superbike looks classy and tidy in racing trim.

Wild rumors about the prototype. Technical details are in the dark, while the motorcycle shows its best side under the Spanish sun.

For motorcycle fans, there is nothing worse than the phase in which the BMW Superbike is currently: The first real pictures are shown, but technical data withheld. The rumor mill is boiling over, real and self-proclaimed experts are talking about details, project staff say nothing at all, and journalists sore fingers on the phone to be the first to get information.

One thing is certain: Before deciding to build a super sports car with an in-line four-cylinder and 1000 cm³, BMW looked at its competitors very carefully and is still looking at them now. In the past you got a 6 from your teacher and you were called Schmarotzer. Today it is called research & Development ??; and you do not look, but do ?? benchmarking ??. The best in class today are called Blade and colleagues.

After all, at the F 800 GS presentation it was possible to elicit from a BMW fanatic that the line of vision was most strongly towards Yamaha. This is supported by the similarity of the BMW chassis with the Yamaha frame in the area of ​​the swing arm mount, for example. The very far forward inclined cylinder bank is also reminiscent of the YZF-R1. This installation position allows very straight, thus performance-enhancing suction paths and a large airbox. So everything conventionally that makes sense, after all, the technology used must be durable in everyday life and affordable in production? Sport or not. Therefore, speculations about desmodromic or even pneumatically sprung valves can be put into the drawer? Wishful thinking / fairy tales ?? stuck in, as well as a big bang firing order. 190 hp are to be homologated, which is not surprising in view of the 2008 Fireblade and ZX-10R. Finally, something to speculate about: How about radially arranged valves like the HP2 Sport and the 1000 MV Agusta?

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