Premiere Ducati 1198S

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Premiere Ducati 1198S


Premiere Ducati 1198S

Premiere Ducati 1198S
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If you open the gas early, you are faster faster. The crux of the matter is that after Schnell the big ouch can come quickly. Not so on the new Ducati 1198S: It is the first motorcycle in the world to have traction control suitable for everyday use as standard equipment. The highsider danger when fetching bread rolls is therefore averted, that’s why…

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While the Japanese four-cylinder supersport squirrel struggles to eat and develop in small steps, the Ducati Twins are just like Schmidt’s cat. In December 2006 entered the 1098 the stage of the world and outclassed all present two-cylinder. In March 2008, the strong and noble 1098R made its debut and, despite its wrong model name, established the 1198 cubic killer twin in a tubular space frame. Now, at the end of 2008, after Troy Bayliss has won the Superbike World Championship with a beating? coincidentally on such a 1098R ??, the 1200er is now made available to the common people. In December, initially as an S version that costs 21,990 euros (plus 255 euros for ancillary costs), from January 2009 also in the standard version for 17 790 euros (plus ancillary costs).

But what should induce the owner of a 1098S, which is barely one year old, to swap it for a 1198S? Quite simply, the incredible pressure of the 1200, the standard traction control, which also works in everyday life with the standard exhaust, the DDA (Ducati Data Analyzer = data recording system) and of course the brilliant look of the red hunter. But first things first and the unspectacular first? Because of the tension: The chassis of the 1198S corresponds to that of the 1098S. Frame, geometry, dampers and their coordination as well as the plastic cover remained untouched. The central LED instrument in the cockpit has been slightly redesigned and equipped with a light sensor that dims it depending on the ambient light. The forged wheels had 7 spokes and held their weight, while the upper fairing holder was cast from a different material, which makes it 400 grams lighter.

Now we are slowly coming to the interesting part, the engine: plus 100 cubic meters, plus 10 hp, plus 10 Nm; minus 1.6 kilograms. Thanks to a new vacuum casting process, which efficiently prevents the formation of voids in the casting material and thus increases stability, the wall thickness has been reduced. Another advantage of this process: The housing can be thermally treated, so, like steel, it can be made even more stable by subsequent heating. Overall, the weight of the motor housing is said to have dropped by almost 3 kilograms. The fact that only 1.6 kilograms of absolute weight savings are left is due to detailed work within the drive such as the reinforced gears of the transmission, whose translation now corresponds to that of the 1098R. In the desmo head of the 1200, steel valves with a diameter of 43.5 mm at the inlet and 35.5 mm at the outlet work, closing the rich combustion chamber, while the mighty 106.0 mm thick piston compresses the mixture at a ratio of 12.7: 1.

Driving experience

Premiere Ducati 1198S


It’s red, comes from Bologna and drives pilots crazy: Ducati 1198S.

So much for theory, the practice feels familiar on the one hand, and dramatically new on the other: The red one grabs the driver in the usual Ducati position with a sporty knee angle and sucking knee grip. Open the cock and go, out on this fantastic route in Portimão, Portugal, which even puts the famous Black Mamba rollercoaster in the sack in Bruhl’s Phantasialand. Uphill, downhill, over blind hilltops and with very fast, sometimes hanging arcs, the route challenges both pilot and motorcycle alike. The rider’s pulse never drops below 160, while the chassis no longer knows where to lean because of all the gravitational, rotational and centrifugal forces. Of course, the frame doesn’t twist, but the Ohlins components of the S get a lot of pressure, and once again the fork set-up, which is too soft for the racetrack, is noticeable. The crest, over which it goes at full throttle at the beginning of the start / finish in the fourth, opens up new territory.

The front becomes so light that the steering damper should be closed by a few clicks in order to soften the massive kick approach into a gentle stir. On the straight, one of the 1200s pulls his arms out of his shoulder sockets, only to then let the fat Brembo system push them back into place after 950 meters when braking on the fast right. But what about this legendary Ducati traction control (DTC)? Well, what about it: She does, and really well! The best test curve for this is a very tight left, hanging outward, which is taken in second gear. After hard braking, the 1198S is turned down on the side stand (!) And pulled up gently. The pilot recognizes from the lamp in the cockpit that the DTC (adjustable in 8 levels) is regulating, but does not feel it. Why is that even possible with the original cat-equipped exhaust system? Quite simply: The DTC of the 1198S combines the reduction of the ignition point with the shutdown of the injection system. The 1098R only takes away ignition, which results in unburned fuel entering the exhaust and destroying the catalytic converters there. Therefore, the DTC only works with the racing pots. The integration of the injection into the control circuit means a tremendous amount of programming effort, the engineers succeeded very well and a good argument to get an 1198S. After all, you can always get to the bakery quickly and, above all, safely with it.


Premiere Ducati 1198S


The rear of the infernal machine remained crisp and crisp.

Racing technology arrives at the customer from now on! The DTC of the 1198S is definitely a useful tool to protect horse and rider from themselves. The 1198 Desmo is a bomb and tears up not only the asphalt, but above all the tires to shreds. How the 1098R of Mr. Bayliss has to leave!

Drive two-cylinder 90 ° V-engine, 4 valves / cylinder, 125 kW (170 PS) at 9750 / min *, 131 Nm at 8000 / min *, 1198 cm³, bore / stroke: 106 / 67.9 mm, compression ratio : 12.7: 1, ignition / injection system, 63.9 mm throttle valves, hydraulically operated multi-plate oil bath clutch, six-speed gearbox, G-Kat Chassis steel space frame, steering head angle: 65.5 degrees, caster: 97 mm, wheelbase: 1430 mm, upside-down fork, Ø fork inner tube: 43 mm, spring travel v./h .: 120/127 mm Wheels and brakes forged light alloy wheels, 3.5 x 17″/ 6 x 17″, Front tires: 120/70 ZR 17, rear: 190/55 ZR 17. 330 mm double disc brakes with four-piston fixed calipers at the front, 330 mm single-disc brakes with two-piston fixed calipers at the rear Weight (dry) 169 kg *, tank capacity: 15.5 liters Super Base price 21,990 euros (plus ancillary costs)
Technical specifications
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