Presentation of new BMW and Yamaha products


Presentation of new BMW and Yamaha products

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BMW and Yamaha believe in their sales hits and are looking for the R 1150 GS and FZS 600 Fazer and XJR 1300.

Fit for the most distant places: While the standard version didn’t cut a bad figure in light terrain, the new, additionally offered model BMW R 1150 GS Adventure with 20 millimeters longer spring travel (210 front / 220 rear) and a ?? depending on the travel ?? in the compression damping, progressive white power strut has more reserves. Also new are the steel braided lines and the very effective Evo brake calipers for the front brake, which are already known from other BMW models. A longer aluminum plate under the oil pan protects the boxer, while the significantly larger windshield, as well as a handlebar impact protection and hand protectors, protect the pilot. The almost stepless seat promises even more comfort for the driver.
For an extra charge there is a fuel barrel with a volume of 30 liters, real desert foxes can have grippy knobby tires mounted on the blue anodized rims ex works. Just to be on the safe side, order a clever coding plug. By manipulating the ignition curve, this allows low-octane regular gasoline to be burned.
The luggage system offered as an accessory is also interesting ?? three aluminum boxes that are attached to a smart support system. For serious off-road activities, the briefly translated first gear, which is declared as an optional extra, is recommended. A twelve-volt socket in the cockpit is waiting to feed a GPS system. Adventure seekers still have to be patient, the Adventure will not be delivered until spring 2002, all prices are currently still being calculated.
With well thought-out improvements to the base, the Yamaha FZS 600 Fazer should become even more attractive. Eye-catching the cladding à la Fazer 1000 with the more powerful double headlights and mirrors, which thanks to the long arm provide great consideration. Also clearly visible, but probably even more noticeable, is the slimmer waist: the Fazer tank finally promises good knee closure, its volume has grown to a respectable 22 liters. So that the joy of the lively 600 series lasts for a long time, it got an exhaust system made entirely of stainless steel, so that the driver never gets bored, a new cockpit. When he looks at the central rev counter, he now knows what the clock has struck.
The beefy one was allowed to take similar care of details Yamaha XJR 1300 undergo. In order to breathe even more steam into it up to medium speeds, its four-cylinder got larger carburettors. The revised four-in-one-in-two exhaust system does its job, with a maximum of 105 Newton meters of torque at 6500 revolutions. As a precaution, Yamaha reinforced the clutch right away. In addition, the technicians found that their muscle man could easily live with a longer secondary gear ratio, and the drivers should also be happy about the resulting reduction in engine speed. A secondary air system helps over the Euro 1 emissions hurdle, modified camshaft profiles are supposed to make the engine quieter and new valve and side covers even prettier. The car lost six kilograms of weight through fine-tuning, a slimmer tank and a modified seat should convey more feeling for the vehicle, and thanks to the changed spring / damping adjustment, the XJR should be better with the same high level of comfort. And it should increase even further in favor of buyers.

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