Presentation of the BMW F 650 CS and R 1150 RS


Presentation of the BMW F 650 CS and R 1150 RS

Two worlds

BMW between tradition and revolution. History continues with the R 1150 RS, and the F 650 CS “city bike” could be more than just a new chapter in it.

It is one of those memorable moments, because in fact it doesn’t often happen that a whole group of German press representatives are left speechless in unison. For minutes there is silence in the sacred halls of the “Mobile Tradition”, a department of the Munich motorcycle manufacturer studded with rarities and unique items. A kind of museum that, so the host BMW executives agreed, offers a worthy setting for this unexpected unveiling: BMW F 650 CS, a real sensation.
In several ways. On the one hand, there is the concept of this completely unusual bike. Lively styled, with smart, multifunctional solutions in the accessories area, the target group of this motorcycle is crystal clear: the youth. What the BMW strategists mean by the group of 20 to 30 year olds.
The fact that BMW, of all companies, a company through and through with tradition, has shown itself to be so progressive is also a small sensation. Where you could rarely stand out as a trendsetter with the previous model range. And BMW wouldn’t be BMW if a new name wasn’t brought into play for the new concept: Scarver. A word creation made up of Street and Carver.
In addition to the marketing concept, the technical concept also generates enthusiasm. While other manufacturers usually only take the subject of youth halfway seriously in the area of ​​scooters, the Bavarians spared no effort and expense and rely on interesting, complex technology. If you take the injection system, the regulated three-way catalytic converter and the inexpensive BMW ABS in the F 650 series as a matter of course with a benevolent nod, the mighty single-sided swing arm, the new three-spoke wheels and above all the toothed belt drive drive the amazed expert a satisfied grin on your face. Although MOTORRAD was able to publish a first drawing and some information about the project in issue 5/2001, the F 650 CS technically exceeds all expectations.
Since the new one is primarily aimed at younger customers and should therefore stay within a certain range in terms of price, the effort involved is considerable. The engine is one of the few components that has remained virtually untouched compared to the basic F 650 GS model. Nevertheless, the tried and tested single cylinder should be noticeably strengthened in terms of torque thanks to the new intake and exhaust system. On the performance side, the Bavarians are modest with the 50 hp that have been common up to now. As usual, the 15 liters of fuel were also accommodated in the frame triangle under the bench and the non-adjustable telescopic fork. Everything else is history.
The bridge frame was given thicker profiles, as the oil tank was saved for reasons of space and the 2.5 liter oil supply for the dry sump lubrication was housed in the frame tubes. The exhaust pipe is now straight, the makers dispensed with a bulky front silencer, the catalytic converter is integrated in the silencer. All in all, it was possible to slim down a bit, the weight is given as less than 190 kilograms with a full tank. In conjunction with the extremely low center of gravity and the stiffer chassis, this Scarver should live up to its name and shine with an agility previously unknown by BMW.
BMW offers an extensive range of accessories tailored entirely to the young customer. From the tank bag, which can be found in the deep recess in the dummy tank, to the softback, which is variable in size and can be used as a backpack, for the luggage rack or the clothes in the young fashion style, everything is color-coordinated. In addition, an audio system can be securely installed in the tank recess with a single movement. The new CS should be in the store at the beginning of next year, the price is still open. It would be surprising, however, if BMW, in view of the consistent implementation of this young project, did not show the necessary instinct in this regard as well.
After this F 650 CS bang, the R 1150 RS, which was also presented to the public for the first time, found it difficult to attract attention. The eight-year-old longest-serving model in BMW’s modern boxer history, the R 1100 RS, has been completely overhauled with the larger-capacity engine of the R 1150 RT, the associated six-speed gearbox with overdrive, the new EVO brake, optionally also as a partially integrated system and, last but not least, clearly improved wind protection will continue to serve the touring BMW fan base in the future.
In addition to the advantages that the 1150 engine offers in terms of performance and torque, the new RS should clearly benefit from the light five-spoke wheels that are already used in the RT, S and R models. The reduction of the unsprung masses benefits both handling and driving comfort.
Of course, the range of accessories for the RS also ranges from suitcases and heated grips to the already mentioned partially integrated braking system. In contrast to the fully integrated system, only the handbrake lever acts on both wheels, the footbrake is, as usual, only responsible for the rear wheel. A brake booster ensures reduced actuation forces and the adaptive brake force distribution ensures that the brake force is optimally distributed between the front and rear wheels for different load conditions.
F.BMW is also progressive when it comes to pricing. The new R 1150 RS is expected to cost 11,700 euros, which corresponds to around 22,883 marks and is therefore only marginally higher than the price of the aging R 1100 RS. How the euro will fare in the future is still in the stars, what the new RS can really do will be shown in a detailed top test in the next issue of MOTORRAD.

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