Presentation of the BMW R 1200 S.


Presentation of the BMW R 1200 S.

Presentation of the BMW R 1200 S.

Ducati white blue

The model offensive by the Munich-based company no longer seems to know any limits. The latest Erlkonig photos show the new sports boxer who has obviously been slimmed down.

BMW, BMW, BMW: Yes, we know that it’s getting almost boring. But no other brand is currently working as hard as Bayern. New four-cylinder K 1200 R (see driving report
following), new two-cylinder T 800 (MOTORRAD 8/2005), new sports enduro HP2 (MOTORRAD 9/2005) and now the first pictures of the new sports boxer BMW R 1200 S. BMW has never been so aggressive, and that in a time when many other manufacturers are in a crisis.
The R. 1200 S is said to be the sportiest
Boxer BMW of the last few years.
Higher performance and lower weight than the previous model were in the specifications. To achieve this, the R 1200 S obviously uses the new boxer construction kit. The engine, transmission and rear-wheel drive come from the
R 1200 ST. The new, air-cooled engine is likely to get a hefty 120 hp by means of sharper control times and a higher rated speed.
In the chassis, a filigree tubular steel mesh replaces the somewhat coarse frame of the old R 1100 S, the
Back then for a lot of stability, but due to its rigidity also for a direct transmission of the vibrations of the boxer
took care of the driver. The front wheel control is still handled by a telescopic arm guided telescopic fork, and one at the rear
Single swing arm with integrated cardan drive used.
Sports motorcycle fans will join in
the significantly slimmer shape of the BMW
delight. This doesn’t really come into its own on our computer retouching,
the photos suggest it. If the old one was a real battleship with a mighty bow in the wind, the new one is more of a slim competitor: sinewy, agile, very front-wheel-oriented. If you imagine the whole machine in red, it could well pass as a boxer Ducati. This impression is supported by the much sportier tail, under which a fat silencer
à la Ducati 999 sits. The front is being fitted with a new headlight, and the air intakes, behind which a large oil cooler is located, are given a much more aggressive styling.
So is supposed to make the once so peaceful
R 1100 S will become a real sports machine, a Ducati white-blue.

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