Presentation of the KTM 950 Enduro

Presentation of the KTM 950 Enduro
Drawing: KTM

Presentation of the KTM 950 Enduro


The Austrian response to the radical BMW HP2 was not long in coming: KTM countered with a sporty two-cylinder hard enduro based on the 950 Adventure.

Wrong world: BMW builds a real hard enduro, even takes part in robust enduro races during it KTM moves into the street area, even with it

own GP team. But the Austrians by no means want the Bavarian frontal attack on their own territory
leave unanswered. It is missing so far
such a radical off-road motorcycle as the Sportenduro HP2 is incomprehensible in the range of the alpine specialists. But already in the coming model year, a crisp enduro should be two-
enrich the range of cylinders.
While the big Adventure is a direct offshoot both technically and optically
of the successful rally machines, the 950 hard enduro is a sleek off-road machine with a small tank and no fairing. In contrast, hardly anything changes in the technology. This means,
the enduro version is powered by the 950 engine with carburettors and around 100 hp. The chassis also only differs in nuances like another
Coordination of the suspension elements. The braking system will probably remain untouched. While the BMW HP2 comes with only one front brake disc as standard, the Austrians are likely to stick with the double disc with double piston calipers, which offer more stability and bite on the road.
The main difference between the two KTM models is the tank. In contrast to the Adventure’s 22 liters, the Enduro should hold a modest 14 liters, i.e. another two liters
less than the supermoto can hold. That suggests a totally
new, narrower tank was formed,
to have more freedom of movement in the terrain
to get. The small fuel container is also a welcome aid for filling up the weight information
too beautiful. Are under 200 kilograms
the goal. So the enduro has to lose almost 20 kilos when dry compared to the 224 kilogram adventure with its expansive fairing when fully fueled. BMW proclaims 195 kilograms including petrol for the HP2, so that an interesting duel for the top spot on the scales is on the horizon.
The add-on parts come from the KTM modular system. The small lamp mask including fittings and the rear with the two silencers are donated by the Supermoto, which will be delivered in a few weeks. The Enduro is currently in the prototype stage, the first test copies should be ready soon. However, the machine will not go on sale until winter. What the prospects
should be particularly pleased: the KTM will in any case be considerably cheaper than the exclusive BMW. There is currently talk of less than 11,000 euros, which would be a smooth 5000 euros less than for the HP2.
Obviously, the Austrians have already clearly won the »stinginess is cool« duel.

Overview of which V2 KTMs are actually for sale – all KTM two-cylinder

The 950 twin-cylinder has already inspired the designers to many studies and visions. Here is an overview of which V2 KTMs are actually for sale.

At the beginning of 2003, KTM came up with the first in-house two-cylinder, the 950 Adventure. It was more of a rally production racer, but was supposed to be the entry point into a wide range of road machines. The basis is the compact and easy-revving 75-degree V-engine, which develops around 100 hp from a displacement of 950 cm3. since
A machine in MOTORRAD’s long-term test fleet has proven its stability for over a year-
as well as their touring qualities on extensive
Travel stages. There was no major damage over the previous 40,000 kilometers, but there were a lot of minor inadequacies, which KTM is continuously working on.
The fact that 100 hp is not the end of the line is proven by the V2, which has been drilled out to 990 cm3 in the recently launched 990 Superduke, which has 120 hp with modern injection instead of carburettors. Otherwise, the Superduke is also based on the truss tube chassis of the Adventure, but the entire periphery had to meet the requirements of a pure street-
machine can be customized.
The third variant of the two-cylinder range is the 950 Supermoto with long-stroke suspension elements and 17-inch tires on cast wheels for thrilling cornering on country roads. The tank, which is small in contrast to the Adventure barrel, promotes handling. The big Supermoto will appear on the market this spring and will remain unrivaled for the time being.
In the medium term, the increasing emissions requirements will force KTM to convert all current 950 models to fuel injection. It is not certain whether the engine will switch to the larger displacement; There is definitely more power.

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