Presentation of the Yamaha YZF-R6-Versity 300


Presentation of the Yamaha YZF-R6 / Versity 300

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With a distinctive four-eyed face, Yamaha gives the new YZF-R6 an aggressive touch. 123 hp now fuel the dry, 162 kilogram super athlete.

Four years is a long time in the supersport scene. Even a pretty motorcycle like the R6 was when it was first introduced in 1998 can no longer inspire everyone. So there had to be new packaging. At least that’s the first impression when looking at the 2003 model year.
But this is exactly what is wrong. Because under the attractive dress of the latest creation is an almost completely newly developed motorcycle. The engine and chassis have almost nothing in common with their predecessor. Sensational: Despite the catalytic converter, the Yamaha makes 117 hp without and 123 hp with ram pressure charging. Responsible for this is the 90 percent newly designed engine, which is now similar to that of the R1 with the injection that has been praised for its responsiveness.
The airbox has become larger, the pistons and cylinders have been revised and optimized for friction, and the crankcase has been improved to reduce pumping losses. For a 600 engine, huge 38 throttle valves open behind the flat slide valves that regulate the air supply according to the principle of equal pressure. The Yamaha technicians tackled the gearbox, which is known for its cracking gear changes, with a new shift drum and improved machining of the gears.
The chassis is also innovative: As with the new SV models from Suzuki (see page 16), the frame is made entirely of light metal die-cast parts. This saves a lot of welding work and offers freedom when designing the profiles. The main frame is 50 percent more torsionally rigid without being heavier. Amazingly, Yamaha also uses die-casting to manufacture the rear frame and swing arm. In some cases, the walls are only two millimeters thick.
The pivot point of the extended swing arm moved up to 86 millimeters on the transmission output shaft, which minimizes load change reactions. New wheels and improved brakes complete this little masterpiece, which, at first sight, has also made a significant step forward in terms of workmanship.
With scooters, technical progress is also the dominant topic. Gone are the days when inexpensive two-stroke engines were planted in simple, undamped cheap chassis. Today the scooter customer places higher demands on quality, function and equipment. The new Versity 300 model is an example of the high technical complexity of the current generation of scooters, which is now being carried over from the large scooters to the smaller classes. A four-stroke drive is compulsory due to the stricter emissions regulations, and an unregulated catalytic converter reduces pollutant emissions. At 264 cm3, the Versity does not quite live up to its model name. The drive runs conventionally via a centrifugal clutch and a continuously variable automatic transmission.
GGood driving characteristics were a priority during development, which is why the Versity is on 14-inch wheels with non-slip tires. It is logical that the spring elements are hydraulically damped and guarantee a high level of comfort with long spring travel. For individual fine-tuning, there are special accessories such as a higher windshield, handlebar cuffs for the winter, leg shields or a topcase. But even without the trunk you can easily stow a helmet in the large storage compartment under the bench.

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