Product test: Waterproof textile divider

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Product test: Waterproof textile divider


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Product test: waterproof textile divider

Product test: motorcycle suit
Waterproof textile dividers

He is shaken, she is touched: a biker with a fine thread! Textile dividers make it possible. Protect the noble dress from moisture and street dirt and are superior to any rain suit with their abrasion-resistant skin and protectors. This test clarifies what they are really capable of.

Jorg Lohse


Product test: Waterproof textile divider


Some textile overalls are well suited for the daily trip to the office. But even a small tour lacks comfort.

Rainer is happy. Tuxedo, bow tie and hairstyle fit perfectly. So up on the motorcycle and off to the party. But what is it: grubby weather on the doorstep. What to do? Rainer is sure: Driving up with the Big Block would be really cool for Rebecca in the little red one. But then peel yourself out of a rain suit? Too shabby! Put on motorcycle clothes and then squeeze into the fine thread in the men’s toilet? Just embarrassing! There should be a storm-proof and waterproof motorcycle overalls that can be stripped on and off within seconds. Then in the best James Bond pose, put the carnation into the buttonhole and into pleasure. That’s it.

How should it be otherwise – in the USA this has long been old hat. For example, some America travelers rave about the Aerostich Roadcrafter ( The textile one-piece with the tried and tested Gore-Tex climate membrane is almost a classic over there. Not only available in numerous intermediate sizes, but also in a number of freely combinable colors. Now it would be no problem to order the all-weather US station wagon via the world-wide web. However, the customs hurdle still has to be overcome. The test sample requested by MOTORRAD was finally returned to the sender after an authority hack to pay the import duty. There doesn’t have to be so much stress.

So let’s stay with our local specialist retailer and see what kind of textile one-pieces are hanging on the hanger in this country. Not only intended for party-goers, but above all for commuters who rush to work in their office outfit and need a practical cover for motorized two-wheelers. The selection is manageable. We have bundled four models in this comparison test. And there isn’t much more. Also worth mentioning is the “Admiral E-Type” from Spidi, which, however, was not available at the time of the test. At first glance, the textile one-piece suits in our test look like more than a “de luxe” rain suit. Abrasion-resistant outer fabric paired with protectors that belong to a decent driver’s suit, plus weather protection through a wind- and waterproof climate membrane. Basically everything you know from a conventional textile suit, just in one-piece form and paired with a smart entry system.

Here you will find everything about clothing

Product test: Waterproof textile divider

When it comes to price, however, the scissors are wide: from inexpensive at just under 250 euros for the Cycle Spirit City Overall from Louis to expensive. A proud 1000 euros will be for the Revit Infinity due. In terms of equipment, both the minimalist (BMW Coverall) and those who expect all the advantages of a good touring combination (Alpinestars 360 R) will find what they are looking for. With this range you should think carefully about the purpose for which the suit is to be used. BMW and Revit, for example, are well suited for daily commuting to the office. However, these very puristic one-piece suits already fail on a small weekend trip across the country. The comfort that one expects from a decent textile suit is clearly missing here. This is where the copies of Alpinestars and the Louis brand “Cycle Spirit”. The Louis one-piece cuts a good figure with a removable thermal lining even in winter. However, with these two, the feel-good area is much narrower if you wear a business or party look underneath and arrive at your destination really crumpled. The wetness test also revealed a huge problem, in which both specimens failed.

It is questionable whether the motorcycle overalls actually stand a chance. They could develop into a multifunctional driver’s suit that combines many advantages: as a snappy overall for the commuter, a zippable functional lining as a textile combination suitable for touring, with a zip and Velcro fastener to trim to a sporty compact format. There are many ideas. But before Rainer and Rebecca let the corks pop, the product developers have to do it again.

Alpinestars 360 R Drystar

Product test: Waterproof textile divider

mps studio

Alpinestars 360 R Drystar

Provider: Alpinestars,
Telephone 0039-0423 / 5286,
Price: 499.95 euros
Sizes: S to 4XL
Color: Black
Weight *: 2.6 kg

Equipment and workmanship (9 out of 10 points):
The Alpinestars suit impresses with its clean design, and not just at first glance. In addition, it shines with features such as practical width adjusters and the well thought-out pocket arrangement.

Fit (13 out of 20 points), wearing comfort (15 out of 10 points):
When driving, the textile divider pleases with its flutter-free and supple fit. The bottom line is a well-fitting textile suit with the jacket and pants coupled “ex works”. Thanks to its long leg zippers up to the hips, the one-piece can be put on in a flash, even with boots. However, it sits a bit too tight over normal everyday clothing.

Security (20 out of 30 points):
With CE protectors on shoulders, elbows and knees including shins, the suit offers class-standard protection with only average damping values. Back and chest protectors are only available at an additional cost. On the other hand, we liked the exact positioning of the protectors, reinforced fall zones and reflective piping on the front and back.

Weather protection (7 out of 20 points):
No ventilation zips, no thermal lining. But not only in midsummer and on cold winter days does the climate package of the one-piece show weaknesses. With heavy water ingress during the wet test, the overall also fails when driving in the rain.

Comfortable touring suit in one-piece format. The practical suitability is greatly reduced by the inadequate weather protection when it rains.

64 out of 100 points; satisfying

BMW Coverall

Product test: Waterproof textile divider


BMW Coverall

Provider: BMW, phone 0180/5001972,
Price: 590 euros
Sizes: XS to 3XL
Color: Black
Weight *: 2.1 kilograms

Equipment and processing (8 out of 10 points):
The equipment of the BMW overall is reduced to the bare minimum, but pleases with its clean workmanship.

Fit (9 out of 20 points) and comfort (13 of 20 points):
You will look in vain for a body-hugging cut with coverall. In order for the one-piece to be reasonably tight, you have to be well dressed underneath. And even then it is susceptible to wind. A special plus when it comes to putting on: No one-piece in the test is slipped over and closed more quickly.

security (24 of 30 points):
With protectors on shoulders, elbows, hips and knees with shins, the Coverall offers more protection than usual, but does without the back. This has to be retrofitted at an additional cost. Due to the wide cut, however, the protectors sit imprecisely and can easily move in the event of a fall. The very good attenuation values ​​are of little help here. Reinforcements in the fall zones are completely dispensed with. On the other hand, the signaling effect of the reflective strips on the front, side and back is good.

Weather protection (14 of 20 points):
Thanks to the three-layer laminate and waterproof zippers, there are no problems when driving in the rain. An insulating lining is missing, as are ventilation zips for midsummer.

The one-piece for minimalists. Ideally suited for the daily short trip to the office, but even smaller tours are over. In addition, it lacks a proper fit.

68 out of 100 points; satisfying

Cycle Spirit City Overall

Product test: Waterproof textile divider


Cycle Spirit City Overall

Provider: Detlev Louis, Telephone 040/73419360,
Price: 249.95 euros up to size L; 259.95 euros from size XL
Sizes: XS to 3XL
Color: gray / black
Weight *: 3.1 kilograms

Equipment and processing (8 out of 10 points):
The one-piece by Cycle Spirit is cheap, but it doesn’t miss anything: The good workmanship outside and inside is accompanied by many practical extras.

Fit (12 of 20 points) and comfort (12 of 20 points):
The city overall turns out to be a tight-fitting touring suit, but the sleeves that were too short slid up on the test drives. Also annoying: a severe pressure point in the seat due to the double anti-slip cushion. Despite a long zipper that extends from the neck to the ankle, the one-piece is difficult to put on and with boots not at all. The station wagon also sits a bit too tight over everyday clothing.

security (19 of 30 points):
The protectors on shoulders, elbows and knees / shins shine with great damping values ​​and can also be precisely positioned thanks to useful width adjusters. However, the hips and back can only be retrofitted with protectors at an additional cost. Good: the fall zone trim and the signaling effect of the reflective piping.

Weather protection (9 of 20 points):
Complete failure in the wetness test. After just a few minutes, the abdomen and crotch area are completely under water. Even the padded thermal lining is of little help for cold winter days.

Functional touring overall for bargain hunters, which, however, offers insufficient protection against rain. As a brisk throw for everyday commuters only partially suitable.

60 out of 100 points; satisfying

Rev’it Infinity

Product test: Waterproof textile divider


Rev’it Infinity

Provider: Revit, phone 0031-412 / 696740,
Price: 999.99 euros
Sizes: S to XYL (corresponds to 3XL) as well as long and short intermediate sizes
ColorN: Black, Light Gray
Weight *: 2.6 kg

Equipment and processing (6 out of 10 points):
With its dirt-resistant fabric and elaborately rubberized zippers, the Rev‘it overall sets real highlights from the outside and looks like it is made from one piece. Inside, however, there is no lining and the patchwork pattern from the manufacturing process is revealed.

Fit (11 of 20 points) and comfort (16 of 20 points):
The stiff outer skin restricts the comfortable fit, at best the collar fits snugly. However, if you are out and about in a business look underneath, you not only have plenty of space for it, but can also put on the completely foldable suit quickly and easily. Due to the lack of lining, the suit rubs uncomfortably on the skin, especially on the arms.

security (27 of 30 points):
Full service in terms of protectors, which can be found on shoulders, elbows, hips, knees / shins and back and which show excellent values ​​on the test bench. In the absence of a width adjuster, however, the knee protection can slip quickly. The wide reflective prints on the upper arms and back have a good signal effect.

Weather protection (16 of 20 points):
Rain bounces off the waterproof laminated outer fabric without any problems. There are effective ventilation zips for hot days, but nothing at all for cold days.

Cleverly made overall with luxury equipment that needs a lot of fine-tuning underneath. Suitable for daily commuting, less for touring.

69 out of 100 points; satisfying

Put to the test

The protector standard EN 1621-1 has been stipulating for over ten years: Joint protectors must remain under 35 kilonewtons (kN) of residual force in the impact test. How is up to each manufacturer. In this test, the protectors from the Alpinestars one-piece suit stand out in particular: at around 30 kN, they are significantly higher than what is measured by the competition. The protectors from BMW, Cycle Spirit and Revit swallow significantly more. Their residual force values ​​are only between 15 and 20 kN.

This is how motorcycle tests

Product test: Waterproof textile divider

On the road during the practical test on country roads and autobahns: where does it pinch, when does it flutter? Two sizes are carefully examined.

The test section, which deals with most of the points: What does the driving suit offer in terms of safety? Which protectors are available, how do they perform on the test bench, how are they positioned? Are there reinforcements and reflectors??
Maximum of 30 points.

Two different standard sizes (L and XL) were evaluated during a detailed fitting and while driving. Are arm and leg lengths okay, does the collar squeeze with different sitting postures, does the back tense, are the proportions and cut correct? Maximum of 20 points.

Can the station wagon convince in practice? On a super sporty Honda Fireblade and the naked Triumph Speed ​​Triple the textile one-piece had to show whether they offer sufficient freedom of movement and are comfortable to wear. Maximum of 20 points.

Weather protection
The climate protection protocol in the test: What is offered in terms of insulation and ventilation? How do the station wagons complete the wetness test, which simulates heavy rain? Maximum of 20 points.

Equipment / processing
Equipment details (pockets, zippers), workmanship and price? Maximum of 10 points.

Point of view: Expected more

Product test: Waterproof textile divider


Jorg Lohse, service editor, is disappointed after the test.

Textile dividers – that sounds like innovation and racing flair. High-tech materials in one piece, tight-fitting, as you know it from the sporty one-piece suits made of leather. But the opposite is the case. BMW and Revit tailor the most expensive suits together, which initially hang on the body like a wet sack. Figure-hugging is something else. Sure, the target group are office commuters whose creases on shirts and trousers shouldn’t have a kink. But does the sinfully expensive material mix of bionic fabric, three-layer climate membrane and sealed zippers make sense for this purpose? The two suits are extremely unsuitable for traveling. Every half as expensive textile combination offers more comfort. A little more broadband use would be desirable. For example, with a zip-in undersuit that makes the suit suitable for touring. Alpinestars and Louis are on the right track, but fail terrific when it comes to weather protection. But maybe a really waterproof high-end sports one-piece is still slumbering with a developer in the drawer. Then let’s get out with it!


The one-piece test ends somewhat surprisingly, because in the final grade no suit comes out above the “satisfactory” rating. That shouldn’t really be. Especially since the majority of these are really high-priced goods. Alpinestars and Cycle Spirit have many practical approaches, but fail the wetness test. Revit and BMW are “good” lacking a decent level of comfort.

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