Rekluse clutches: When the clutch becomes automatic

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Rekluse clutches: When the clutch becomes automatic
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Rekluse clutches: When the clutch becomes automatic

Rekluse clutches
When the clutch becomes automatic

The automatic clutch is already widespread in off-road sports; it can be retrofitted on many road models and thus offer advantages in terms of comfort.

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The Rekluse clutch last made headlines when MV Agusta equipped its touring sports model Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso SCS with the centrifugal clutch as standard in mid-2018.

Stall impossible

The centrifugal clutch was developed by the US manufacturer Rekluse. Corresponding systems have been in use for years in enduro and cross sports because they make it virtually impossible for the engine to stall. Controlled by centrifugal force, it also enables gentle engagement. Of course, this also applies to street models. Another gain in convenience is that when the engine is running and the gear is engaged, the clutch no longer has to be pulled at the traffic lights. The system automatically separates the frictional connection. This also eliminates the difficult idle search on various models. Simply accelerate to start up.

Switch as usual

So if you are forced to travel at extremely low speed in stop-and-go traffic or in city traffic, the clutch side is completely relieved. All further gear changes are carried out as usual with the use of the clutch, because unlike with an automatic converter or a dual clutch transmission, the Rekluse system does not change gears automatically. If a quickshifter is installed, the clutch lever can also be ignored here, depending on the system. However, it is necessary to pull the clutch to engage a gear and start the engine.

Because Rekluse also uses friction disks with a steel core, these can be thinner, so more disks fit into the clutch pack and should be able to transmit more torque. Rekluse also promises a lower heat load for the steel discs and thus a reduced tendency to fade.

Pushing is no longer possible

The Rekluse coupling not only offers advantages. Anyone who wants to engage the hand lever as usual in between times will miss a defined pressure point. Even pushing the motorcycle when the battery is empty is no longer possible. Of course, the price of a Rekluse coupling, which can be combined with hydraulic and cable control, also plays an important role. The German importer Extracross from the Bavarian town of Fridolfing charges between 690 and 999 euros without installation, depending on the model.

Rekluse coupling kits are not only available for enduro and cross models, numerous street models can also be found in the equipment list. An infinite number of Herley machines can be retrofitted with it, but also 650 Kawasaki twins, BMW twins from 650 to 800 cc, 1200 and 1250 BMW boxers, Yamaha models with the 700 two-cylinder, and Suzuki Models with the 650 V2.

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