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2017 Harley-Davidson Touring models

With Milwaukee-Eight

Harley-Davidson’s Touring series will be equipped with the completely redesigned V2 engine called Milwaukee-Eight for the 2017 model year. It is available in two sizes with 107 cui / 1745 cm³ and 114 cui / 1868 cm³ displacement and with two cooling options.

NOTOf course, the Milwaukee-Eight remains true to the V2 concept with a 45 degree cylinder angle. But a medium-sized revolution is waiting under the valve covers: four valves per cylinder can be found where previously only two took care of the gas exchange. A chain drive camshaft per cylinder, push rods and rocker arms are responsible for the valve actuation.

This step should give the Harley tourers up to 11 percent more torque in 2017 than the previous year’s models. A balancer shaft reduces the vibrations at idle speed, which should be around 850 rpm, without the beloved and praised "Good vibrations" to be destroyed completely. At higher speeds and on highway sections, the vibrations take a back seat.

The recent conversion to liquid-cooled heads did not please all fans of Harley-Davidson’s Touring series. But with the mandatory Euro4 standard at the latest, there is no getting around this. This is why the exhaust valves of the Milwaukee-Eight on the Street Glide Special, Road Glide Special, Road King, Roadking Classic and Freewheeler are cooled with engine oil. Coolant is used for this in the Ultra Limited, Ultra Limited Low, Road Glide Ultra and Tri Glide Ultra models as well as in the CVO Limited and Street Glide variants.

All of these measures on the Harley-Davidson tourers, in conjunction with a newly installed double ignition, are intended to reduce consumption and thus logically increase the range on one tank of fuel.

The chassis of the Harley-Davidson tourers has also been optimized for the 2017 model year. The preload of the struts can be adjusted over a range that is up to 30 percent larger than in the previous models. This is done using a manual rotary control. The Showa front fork promises linear damping characteristics and low weight. It even relies on the advantages of the cartridge forks common in racing.

The in-house Screaming ‘Eagle Performance series includes the slip-on silencers for the 2017 touring models "Street Cannon", Various high-throughput air filters and four performance enhancement kits available. According to the press department, diplomatically cautiously, their eligibility for admission differs "depending on the market". And the subject "lower consumption" should also be waste.

In addition to the improved cooling, Harley-Davidson also wants to have significantly improved the waste heat management in all Milwaukee-Eight models "Driver and front passenger a plus in comfort" to give – in other words: not to roast their lower legs too much.

Harley-Davidson has reported further improvements in comfort in the area of ​​legroom: Slimmer covers for the primary drive and air filter should give the driver’s legs more space and make contact with the ground easier. All Milwaukee Eight models are also equipped with a hydraulically assisted slipper clutch, which aims to reduce the manual force required on the clutch lever. 

The ninth Big Twin in Harley-Davidson’s company history is the Milwaukee-Eight. And it would be a miracle if the new model year of the Touring series could not announce some record.

Scott Miller, Vice-President of Styling and Product Development Strategy, dares the superlative: "They are the most powerful and comfortable touring motorcycles that Harley-Davidson has ever made. With them, the Harley-Davidson company takes the look, the sound and the feeling to a completely new level."

Chief Powertrain Engineer Alex Bozmoski emphasizes: "The new Milwaukee-Eight carries the legacy of the many Harley-Davidson Big Twin engines and carries it over into the future. Although it is a hundred percent new design, the unique Big Twin character is retained in full."

You can believe it without looking – or arrange a test drive at your nearest Harley dealer. Which would certainly be entirely in Scott Miller’s and Alex Bozmoski’s minds.

Find a Harley-Davidson Dealer near you.

Engine data Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight 107/114

45 degree V2 four-stroke engine mounted transversely with one camshaft (ohv) and four valves per cylinder

  • Bore x stroke: 100 x 111/102 x 114.3 mm
  • Displacement: 1745 cm³ / 1868 cm³
  • Rated output: 67 kW (91 PS) at 5450 rpm / 75 kW (102 PS) at 5250 rpm
  • Max. Torque: 153 Nm at 3250 / min / 166 Nm at 3250 / min

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