Review Buell X1-R


Review Buell X1-R

Manni’s thing

Manfred “Manni” Mantele, Buell employee and lover of the American V-Twins, has fulfilled his very personal dream. He named his Buell version suitable for the racetrack as the X1-R.

This man has a sense of mission. For years he has never tired of introducing the name Buell to us motorcycling Germans. Manfred “Manni” Mantele is simply all about the US twins. And that for years. Initially as a product manager for the German branch in Morfelden, now as a freelance employee, neudeutsch consultant.
When such a Buell maniac puts his very own twin on the wheels, it is hardly surprising that something very special comes out of it. Manni’s thing is that he simply calls X1-R. “I wanted a machine with which I could let off steam on the racetrack, but which at the same time offered a lot of everyday practicality,” explains Mantele. That is why he first looked for a half-shell cladding and found it at the French manufacturer Odyssey Kolors.
With German Buell, a miserably long secondary translation stands in the way of increased sporting demands. The Buell specialist therefore relies on the short US version (27 teeth at the front, 61 teeth at the rear) and has also given its big twin a thicker 2.5-inch US manifold and muffler. The voluminous air filter box was also omitted. Instead, a K cleanses&N filters the intake air. The result: 101 hp peak power and 114 Newton meters of maximum torque, accompanied by a robust, but by no means unduly loud sound.
Thanks to the shorter final ratio, the driving performance improves significantly. This often saves annoying gear changes, and the X1-R also pushes out of turns wonderfully light-footed. However, you should always keep an eye on the rev counter when driving quickly, otherwise the V2 will run quickly and hard into the limiter. So rather enjoy the twin’s full thrust one gear higher. Once you’ve gotten to grips with this quirk, the Buell prefers to grind through corners with a constant pull. It can be braked with pinpoint accuracy, but irritates time and time again with a fork that twists heavily. A disadvantage of the huge single-disc brake system, which doesn’t really fit into the picture of the X1-R.
Positive on the other hand: the wind protection and the ergonomics. You are not enthroned above things, but sit in the motorcycle and do not have to brace yourself convulsively on the handlebars. Also convincing: the accuracy and the handling. A slight pull on the handlebars to bend the X1-R in an inclined position. Kudos to the Technoflex shock absorber. In contrast to the series damper, which is subjected to tensile stress, the fully adjustable component works under pressure. It offers enormous damping reserves, responds very sensitively and can easily iron away rough blows. However, it also costs an impressive 2400 marks. successful country road athletes, the X1-R. If you want to know, please contact Buell Germany. Just ask for Manni.

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