Road safety – Cecile Petit succeeds Remy Heitz as the interministerial delegate for road safety –

Cecile Petit succeeds Remy Heitz as interministerial delegate for road safety

Road safety - Cecile Petit succeeds Remy Heitz as the interministerial delegate for road safety -

Remy Heitz has given way to Cecile Petit, also a UMP trend magistrate. Appointed this morning by the Council of Ministers on the proposal of the Prime Minister, Ms. Petit will also hold the post of Director of Road Safety and Traffic..

Remy Heitz, who had held the position of interministerial delegate for road safety since March 2003 (read), has just given way to Cecile Petit, who will also occupy the position of director of road safety and traffic at the Ministry of Transport.

Born in 1945, Cecile Petit is married and the mother of four children. A magistrate by training just like Remy Heitz, she began her career as an examining magistrate in Senlis, then as a children’s judge in Pontoise. She was then president of the Pontoise children’s court, then advisor at the Versailles court of appeal and first lawyer at the Court of Cassation. Former member of the Superior Council of the Judiciary, in 1995 she was appointed director of the judicial protection of young people while she held the position of president of the chamber at the Court of Appeal of Versailles.

Cecile Petit is also a member of the Femmes, Debat et Societe association, which brings together "women of right-wing and center-right political sensitivity who intend to contribute fully to the enrichment of political debate".

Holder of a philosophy baccalaureate, she then obtained a master’s degree in private law with first class honors before joining the Institute of Judicial Studies and finally the National School of Magistrates, promotion 1970-72. She has also been an Officer of the Legion of Honor since this summer (promotion of July 14, 2006).

For his part, Remy Heitz is appointed director of general administration and equipment at the Ministry of Justice on the proposal of Pascal Clement.

The objectives of the new interministerial delegate for road safety remain "in the continuity of the excellent work carried out by my predecessor", warns Cecile Petit … Repressive on all levels, therefore, but with four main axes clearly expressed by Dominique Perben and confirmed by Ms. Petit: accidentology in urban areas, young people,"motorcycle and moped riders"and pedestrians.

To be followed closely … In the meantime, the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) let it be known that it does not "will not regret Remy Heitz … Let’s hope that his replacement will be able to forget the cliches about the motorcycle and its users which are too often used at the DSCR", concludes the FFMC.


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