Road safety – Eleventh demo for bus lanes in Paris –

Eleventh demo for bus tracks in Paris

Road safety - Eleventh demo for bus tracks in Paris -

For the 11th time, a hundred motorcyclists marched this afternoon in Paris for the circulation of motorcycles in the bus lanes. A rather weak mobilization, but which should find a new breath on December 15. Photo documentary.

As every Saturday, the FFMC Paris-Petite Couronne organized this afternoon a demonstration aimed at asking for the maintenance of the tolerance of motorbikes on the bus lanes. Despite a still rather weak mobilization (around 100 bikers), tourists passing through the capital were able to rub their eyes – and cover their ears – when they saw motorcycles invade the Place de la Bastille, the rue de Rivoli, the big boulevards, the Place de l’Etoile and the Trocadero … At the microphone, spokespersons for the FFMC insisted on the statements made by Bertrand Delanoë to Moto-Net, according to which he "would not give in"in the face of biker demonstrations (see), asking him to review his position. In front of the Town Hall, the horn concert was therefore particularly eloquent! The members of the FFMC also distributed an open letter to Bertrand Delanoë, in which he is asked to "ensure that the use of motorized two-wheelers is really taken into account", so that bikers can"travel safely every day".

See you next Saturday at 2 p.m. in Bastille, but especially on December 15 for a larger event. To be continued !


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