Road safety – Six proposals against the single thought in road safety –

Six proposals against the single thought in road safety

Road safety - Six proposals against the single thought in road safety -

The French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) published this morning its new "Manifesto for the safety of bikers and a civic practice of motorcycles", an update of its traditional proposals divided into six main axes. Decryption.

Noting that "road safety is today a major societal issue that must be addressed collectively", the French Federation of Angry Bikers (FFMC) published this morning its"Manifesto for the safety of motorcyclists and a civic practice of the motorcycle".

Grouping its traditional proposals in the field of road safety into six main areas, "fruit of 25 years of work", the FFMC means"make its contribution to better take into account motorized two-wheelers and the establishment of a real effective and lasting road safety policy".

The FFMC therefore wishes to put an end to "unique thinking in road safety"through six major axes:

  • Develop media awareness and prevention campaigns

  • Develop practices for better consideration of motorized two-wheelers in training and education

  • Improve road facilities

  • Develop regulations to take motorized two-wheelers into account at the legislative and fiscal level

  • Better understand the accidentology of motorized two-wheelers to reduce it

  • Promote respect for the environment

This "real alternative road safety program"will be submitted to the minister, explains Nadia Levêque, member of the National Bureau, because"the FFMC never gives in when it comes to the safety of bikers: this manifesto aims to deepen everything we have done in 25 years".

In reality nothing new under the sun of this "Manifesto"apart from a laudable concern to preserve the environment, but"we do not offer a miracle solution because there is none !", specifies Henri de Voguë of the National Office of the FFMC. This"Manifesto"therefore aims to"set the scene", explains Frederic Brozdziak, spokesperson for the association:"it will be completed gradually by new proposals".

In the meantime, it should at least have the merit of drawing the attention of the general press to some truths too frequently forgotten..

"The FFMC movement is 25 years of experience", recalls Patrick Jacquot, president of the Mutuelle des Motards, regretting that"the government does not seek to be inspired by it: we have known for a long time that in 70% of accidents with a third party, it is the biker who is the victim"(read also on the causes of motorcycle accidents).

An observation shared by the Ministry of Transport, which recognizes that the motorcyclist is responsible for only 32% of accidents with a car. "In conflicts between them and another vehicle, motorcyclists, with only a third of those allegedly responsible, obtain a very low rate of responsibility, below most of the other categories of users", indicates the very official Annual Report of the Observatory of road safety in its report for the year 2004 published by the French Documentation."We note that in the case of a motorcycle against moped accident, the responsibility falls to the motorcyclist in only 25% of cases", further specifies the Observatory attached to the Ministry of Transport.

"We also note that the figures for motorcycle accidents are improving year by year.", continues Patrick Jacquot, again matching the analysis of the Road Safety and Traffic Department, which indicates that"the rate of motorcycles involved in bodily accidents compared to the fleet in circulation is decreasing regularly (…). The level reached in 2004 is the lowest ever"…

Why does the government not communicate more on these encouraging results from its own official analyzes, rather than persist in regularly pointing the finger at bikers like "bad students"road safety? The debate is open…


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