Sachs presentation and party

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Sachs presentation and party


Sachs presentation and party

Sachs presentation and party
Yeah, rock ‘n’ roll

It is intended to revive the cult around the moped for a new generation, the MadAss. Sachs presented the new moped in Nuremberg with an »ultimate party«.

Michael Orth


Dr. Schnorr is the spokesman for Sachs, but as he stands on stage, he doesn’t speak much. He gestures to two girls, who then reveal two mopeds, and spokesman Schnorr says something like: “This is our new baby, this is the MadAss, you have
have fun. ”He says nothing more, just“ yeah, rock ?? n ?? Roll «. Then the girls and the casual doctor leave the stage, the two MadAss (or MadAsses?) Stay upstairs, and DJ Kai starts up the music: “Heart, I just died
in your arms tonight … «Kai comes from Radio Energy. He doesn’t have a special program for the occasion. But later in the evening he’ll really accelerate and see if he can make people dance.
People don’t move yet, at least not to the music. That hardly changes when a video is shown on the screen behind the stage. The video has Sachs specially produced. In February, when the MadAss hits stores, the clip should air on MTV. It is a straight rock number of the so far little known formation »Dr. Ozz and the Asses ”. Bandleader Ozz, who after his
If you ask about the topic of your doctorate, it would certainly be interesting to have long, black hair, a ring through your nose, a tie around your neck and a thin mustache around your mouth. He and his boys are in the “Western Club Crazy Horse”, resolutely working on his guitar and singing
“I don’t want to hide you, I don’t want
to guide you, I just want to ride you «?? the refrain. Cut. A young guy in jeans and a jacket puts an orange jet helmet on his pear and leaves his willing playmate behind in a camper van. He urgently needs to go somewhere, on the MadAss. He then knocks around some rockers with it
the nose, depends on sports cars and is the biggest of all.
At the end of the video, speaker Schnorr appears again in front of the people, who are slowly warming up. “Live,” he announces, “the boys better come. So now, I wanna ride you ?? live, yeah, rock ?? n ?? Roll «. Before Dr. Ozz raises the noise level again, one of the girls in the audience is surprised that the Ozz looks totally different in real life than in the video, “so small”. Something else is totally different in real life
than in the video. The MadAss. Realiter drives
namely in the status of a pre-series-
Mopeds, currently only being homologated. Dr. Schnorr said in a conference that there, in a fancy hotel in Furth, the speaker spoke more.
“That’s the MadAss, that’s what we call it, a concept for young people, that’s our problem,” he said. He doesn’t mean that the concept is the problem, but the young people. They don’t really like mopeds and stuff anymore. Then Schnorr said that the MadAss was the result of a vision, not a market study, and that it shouldn’t be a cuddly product, it shouldn’t be a product at all, but an attitude towards life. That all sounds great, but it makes things tricky.
If the MadAss were a product, it would
could be described simply: steel-
frame with integrated tank, reinforced
Banana swingarm and 16-inch cast wheels, front disc, rear disc, exhaust with catalytic converter, double headlights, LED rear light, 50s four-stroke engine with around three hp, basically a Dax engine made in Asia, but tuned by Sachs. There should be a 25 and a 45 km / h variant, price under 2000 euros. In addition, a version with 110 cm3 cannot be ruled out for 2005.
Sachs himself describes his MadAss differently. The website says that this is »probably the most revolutionary and craziest machine the world has ever seen, for crazy people and those who? again ?? want to become”. The »revival of the moped cult«. There we have it, the attitude towards life that this machine is supposed to be or even to bring about. It hums somewhere between “ey, you know earlier” and “it can’t go on like this in the future”, should hop lively from yesterday to tomorrow. Yesterday three-course Flory with bench, eagle on the tank, foxtail on the mirror and deep purple. And tomorrow? You have to get the youngsters “excited about technology again, so that you can screw again and get your fingernails dirty”. One would have to »rock some more ?? n ?? Roll in
bring her heart «. Says Dr. Schnorr. Brave the plan. So it’s all the more gratifying that Sachs dares to do it. And the MadAss seems to be a product that could even do that.
But stop. It is not a product, it is an attitude towards life. Which, of course, you don’t bring over with a round of gingerbread or grilled sausage, not even in Nuremberg. A party is a must. Oh what, party. The “ultimate MadAss-Rock Event” was on the invitation. Either way, that’s true for the location of the event. In December the old production halls, 1,500 square meters, were blown up, too big, unprofitable. What does not apply to the Sachs company: “We wrote a big, fat, black zero in the last financial year,” said Mr. Schnorr. The zero must have been so bold that next to Dr. Ozz still had a second band in the budget, the string spinners ?? Renowned in Franconia for the gift of making music in whole marquees with Joe Cocker cover songs. Stuntman Christian Pfeiffer also did gymnastics on a MadAss, there was tattoo and piercing, a fire show, and go-go girls and boys in tattered pants and leather danced on the tables. One of the girls even steps in around midnight
a nun’s costume on stage, the MadAss gave her blessing and then stripped completely naked, really completely. Nun striptease.
DJ Kai, who is from Radio Energy, finally managed to move people. With “We will rock you”, “I love rock ?? n ?? Roll «(not by Britney Spears!) And ?? not lying? »Jump« tore a couple of women in their late thirties onto the industrial floor. Loosely they buckled in their knees, twitched their high-heeled shoes slightly upwards, kept bringing their buttocks from left to right, waving their arms past the torso and dancing, forgetting time and space, as in the past. With the moped to the country youth disco and then »Smooooke on the waaaater. And fire in the sky ??. Yeah, rock ?? n ?? Roll.

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