Scooter – BMW C 600 Sport test: finally an opponent up to the Tmax? – BMW C 600 Sport: great ambitions!

BMW C 600 Sport test: finally an opponent worthy of the Tmax ?

Scooter - BMW C 600 Sport test: finally an opponent up to the Tmax? - BMW C 600 Sport: great ambitions!

Ambitious and loud, the very first BMW sports maxi scooter directly intends to overshadow the Yamaha Tmax, the darling of busy commuters. Does he really have the means? Site went to check it for you… First try !

BMW C 600 Sport: big ambitions !

Since the time we expected, here it is finally this scooter BMW C 600 Sport, announced as the "tomboy" of Tmax German version! And this return to the world of urban mobility – after the half-hearted adventure of the C1 – is a particularly important event for BMW….

The Munich manufacturer had seen the big picture by inviting no less than 30 French journalists to Spain instead of the usual dozen. This shows the hopes that the Germans are placing in this new range which includes two completely new models: the C 600 Sport tested here, and its more road-going counterpart, the C 650 GT, which will be tested very quickly on MNC. (read in particular our).

After a year 2011 during which BMW broke all its sales records despite the crisis, especially in France (read and our, the German manufacturer intends to transpose the values ​​that make its success in motorcycles to the world of maxiscooters. This C 600 Sport is therefore efficient, safe and versatile, while incorporating the aesthetic codes of BMW.

With its lines as successful as they are aggressive, the C 600 Sport openly tackles the benchmark of sports maxiscooters: the Yamaha Tmax, which became Tmax 530 in 2012 (read our). Because the commercial success of Tmax has not been denied for ten years, whether in France, Spain or Italy.

To titillate – even dethrone – the Japanese bestseller, the German scooter is giving itself the means to fulfill its ambitions. Starting with its engine: the C 600 Sport relies on a 647 cc twin-cylinder of 60 hp connected to a final transmission by chain mounted in a sealed casing, to cut croupiers to the "little" Yamaha which accuses 117 cc and 13 , 5 hp less.

That said, the Tmax is lighter by around thirty kilos: 217 kg all full (221 kg with optional ABS), against 249 kg for the C 600 Sport fitted with ABS as standard..

BMW had already surprised everyone in a niche where we hardly expected it by unveiling its hypersport S1000RR (read). And the Germans intend to repeat this performance with these two maxiscooters !

With the start of marketing planned for mid-April, the Bavarian manufacturer does not intend to defeat the Tmax this year: the objective of BMW France is to sell 1,400 copies of its sports maxiscooter in 2012.

The BMW network will be particularly involved, notably through extensive customer test campaigns. It remains to be seen how this new product will be received by BMW customers on the one hand, and by scooter customers on the other hand….

First answers on the following pages: in the saddle !

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