Scooter – Honda X-ADV test: the Integra takes the right path – X-ADV test Page 1 – Static: Integra-lely innovative

Honda X-ADV test: the Integra takes the right path

Scooter - Honda X-ADV test: the Integra takes the right path - X-ADV test Page 1 - Static: Integra-lely innovative

Five years after the Integra, the first maxi-scooter built from a motorcycle as convincing dynamically as it is disappointing in practical terms, Honda is pushing this curious mix of genres even further by exploring a completely new path with the new X-ADV. unexpected: the all-terrain ! And this time, the concept hits the mark ….

X-ADV test Page 1 – Static: Integrally innovative

Despite formidable dynamic qualities drawn from its engine and its motorcycle chassis (the NC700 series, which became NC750 in 2014), it is struggling to completely convince: "Integral but incomplete", headlined the Motorcycle Journal of the Net during our, in reference to its lack of practicality. No trunk capable of accommodating a helmet, limited space on board, chain transmission, tedious access to the tank under the saddle: the list of complaints is long. Too much to overshadow the Yamaha, reference for maxi-scooters with against 637 Integra !

  • Honda X-ADV test :

But Honda firmly believes in the relevance of this curious cocktail, which combines the look and ergonomics of a 745 cc twin-cylinder scooter and the cycle part of motorcycles and (tubular steel frame, 17-inch wheels, single-shock absorber in central position). So, rather than letting its concept drift to the "flop" box (with the Pacific Coast, the DN-01 or even the Vultus), the winged crest, on the contrary, perseveres in its roundabout way. And as if to underline its desire to think outside the box, Honda adds a pinch of trail to create the new, first all-terrain scooter !

Scooter - Honda X-ADV test: the Integra takes the right path - X-ADV test Page 1 - Static: Integra-lely innovative

The result is spectacular: camped on its suspension travel never seen on a scooter (153.5 mm at the front and 150 mm at the rear, against 120 mm for the Integra), the X-ADV gives off a strong impression. ! Its wide 910 mm handlebars lined with hand guards are appealing, as is the aluminum shoe responsible for protecting the twin-cylinder of 54.8 hp and 68 Nm from this ambitious novelty (Fabrice Recoque, director of the motorcycle division of Honda France, provides "2000 registrations" from April to December 2017). As many equipment usually reserved for motorcycles !

Its spoked wheels – with angled valves, please! – and its paved tires in 17 and 15 inches reinforce the parallel with a trail, Honda does not hesitate to cite one of the sources of inspiration for this two-wheeled pendant of "SUV" in cars! The effect is all the more spectacular as the line of the X-ADV is particularly successful, 1000 leagues from the all-purpose look of the Integra. Both racy and elegant, this silhouette is a reflection of the scooter itself: confusing but attractive, in the sense that this unique design piques curiosity and turns heads..

Scooter - Honda X-ADV test: the Integra takes the right path - X-ADV test Page 1 - Static: Integra-lely innovative

MNC was able to verify this during this contact made in Sardinia (Italy): between the intrigued smiles of some and the photos taken on the fly of others, the X-ADV leaves no one indifferent! Built in Japan – like all Honda models equipped with the DCT – the "maxi-scooter-trail" also has a finish and flattering peripherals, in accordance with its sporty and high-end positioning. However, the opposite would have been unforgivable at € 11,499 (36-liter top-case offered until June), or – as if by chance … – the same price as the new Tmax 2017 !

The lighting entirely entrusted to LEDs is the first visible indicator of this "standing" superior to the Integra. Then the eye slides towards the aluminum swing arm with double branch “motorcycle” style, goes up towards the silencer raised as in rally-raid and appreciates in passing its pretty aluminum protection plate. At the front, it is the inverted 41 mm fork – adjustable in preload and rebound – which produces its small effect, especially as it is adorned with radial piston calipers with radial fixing. Everything would not mismatch on a sporty roadster !

Beautiful and practical at the same time: the X-ADV plays the integral !

In short, the X-ADV is "stylish" and its costume refers to tailor-made rather than ready-to-wear. In this, the boldness of the style is up to the originality of the concept and it is to the credit of the manufacturer from Tokyo. On the other hand, Honda has perfectly retained the lessons learned with the Integra: the neglected practical aspects of the "organ donor" are all present on the X-ADV. Even to the point of exceeding certain expectations !

Scooter - Honda X-ADV test: the Integra takes the right path - X-ADV test Page 1 - Static: Integra-lely innovative

This requires, among other things, the installation of a "real" 21-liter trunk, lit and equipped with a 12 V socket, inside which a full-face helmet enters without forcing, even models with a large shell (demonstration in our). This revolution compared to the Integra is due to the increase in suspension travel, the smaller diameter of the rear wheel (15 inches instead of 17 on the Integra) and the widening of the tubular loop (all details techniques in).

The distribution of good points continues with the fuel hatch moved to the front of the saddle, allowing refueling without getting off the scooter – unlike the Integra and NC750 S and X which require lifting the seat to access the tank. End of the day: the opening of this hatch is done from a control under the switch, just next to the one allowing to open the saddle supported by a jack – otherwise a little short. Class and practical at the same time, just like the new "hands-free" starting system via a remote control-transponder.

The new, entirely digital monochrome instrumentation, placed vertically, also promotes these qualities. All the essential information is presented in a readable and orderly manner: gear engaged, time, speed, engine speed, two trips, fuel gauge, air temperature, average and instantaneous consumption. Too bad that the scrolling of this data goes through push buttons on the dashboard, and not through remote controls on the handlebars.

Scooter - Honda X-ADV test: the Integra takes the right path - X-ADV test Page 1 - Static: Integra-lely innovative

Finally, a central stand, adjustable levers and a windshield with adjustable height without tools complete this particularly supplied standard equipment. The only problem: two hands are needed to adjust, one to hold – firmly – the locking system in the free position and the other to slide the screen. Impossible, therefore, to achieve while driving. We console ourselves with the efficiency of this windshield worthy of a GT-scooter, which protects the entire helmet and a large part of the bust: only the shoulders are not completely protected from turbulence.

Other negative "details": the absence of a storage compartment in the apron – despite its generous dimensions – and the significant height of the tunnel, inevitable due to the "motorcycle" structure hidden under the casing. In addition to the fact that it penalizes accessibility, this prominent tunnel prohibits the carrying of luggage placed on the floor. And since we are talking about accessibility, know that the heightening of the suspensions is not without consequences: the seat height goes from 790 mm on the Integra to 820 mm on the X-ADV, or an additional 30 mm…

Scooter - Honda X-ADV test: the Integra takes the right path - X-ADV test Page 1 - Static: Integra-lely innovative

Combined with the large saddle width, this characteristic means that a 1.75 m rider does not put both feet flat on the ground. To ensure solid support when stopped, stepping forward in the saddle to reduce the arcade is essential. But comfort suffers: while the seat is generally quite firm, its front part is downright hard! In addition, the crotch can then come into contact with the fuel flap, which is not the most pleasant.

Last black point: the final chain transmission is retained on the X-ADV, despite its drawbacks compared to the belt of a Tmax, for example (maintenance and dirt). Recognizing this constraint, Honda covered almost the entire chain with a plastic cover. This trick does not work with the sealed casing inside which the BMW chain is placed, but it nevertheless extends the life of the secondary transmission of “Integr-Africa”. Not to mention that it is thus less exposed to the gaze, therefore to criticism !

So what does the X-ADV handlebars do? Dynamic test in !

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