Scooter – New Tmax: the offensive continues! – Yamaha’s poker move

New Tmax: the offensive continues !

Scooter - New Tmax: the offensive continues! - Yamaha's poker move

Marketed at the end of 2007, the new Yamaha Tmax maxi scooter immediately established itself as the second best-selling over 125 cc in 2008. The least we can say is that it was quickly adopted! Let’s go back to the reasons for this success. Test.

Yamaha’s poker move

Appeared in 2001, the maxi scooter Yamaha Tmax was content to evolve by small touches to correct its rare defects and convert more and more bikers to the scooter. It successively adopted injection (by gaining 4 horsepower), a second front brake disc, a coded key immobilizer and finally ABS.

Its sporting potential – for a scooter! – has been revealed on the different editions of the Moto Tour. Breaking with the image of the "soap scooter" without brake, the Tmax has already demonstrated its rigor of behavior and especially great aptitude for having fun! And this 2008 version is not a simple evolution, but a total overhaul…

Considering the healthy and efficient behavior of the Tmax 2007 and earlier (read our), owners only expected an evolution towards more power. Everyone’s dream was therefore to switch to 600 or 700 cc to take advantage of around 60 hp, or even more … And without major weight gain, if possible !

It was therefore almost a disappointment when Yamaha unveiled its new Tmax at the 2007 Paris Motor Show (read). Because not only was it not gaining power, but it was losing a bit, going from 44.3 hp to 43.5 hp…

In fact, the manufacturer with three tuning forks had taken everyone by surprise by further refining the strong point of its maxiscooter: handling. !

The bet was daring, especially as the competition is organized and unveils increasingly powerful maxiscooters, Suzuki Burgman 650 and Gilera GP800 in the lead (read our and our)…

Sports skeleton

The 2008 Tmax has not only been the subject of a simple restyling: its chassis has been thoroughly revised.

The simple tubular cradle gives way to an aluminum frame made up of molded and extruded elements, like recent sports motorcycles. Its fork goes from 41 to 43 mm in diameter and the front brake calipers, from the R6, from 2 to 4 pistons.

The front wheel gains an inch to harmonize with the rear wheel which was already 15. The wheelbase lengthens by 5 mm, but the machine loses 4 cm in length and 2 small kilos on the scale! Everything has been revised for even more rigor, comfort and safety, but also efficiency and sportiness !

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