Shanghai Customs eCub 2018


Shanghai Customs eCub 2018
Shanghai Customs

Shanghai Customs eCub (2018)

Cult motorcycle receives electric drive

The Honda Super Cub is considered the best-selling motor vehicle in the world. Shanghai Customs from China also offers the Kultkrad with an electric drive.

Honda has produced over one hundred million Cub models since 1958 and has not only motorized large parts of the population in Asia. The Cub is cult. But what the Cub has not yet made is the leap to electromobility. While Honda has always relied on small-volume four-stroke engines with 50 to 125 cm³, a custom bike shop from China has electrified the Cub. And as it should be in a custom bike shop, the Cub’s optics have of course been extensively modified. Two variants are now available.

Commuter range

New Zealander Matthew Waddick and his team – the people behind Shanghai Customs – invested around two years in the development of the electrically powered Cub. Little more than the steel chassis has been retained; all plastic parts have been omitted.

In order to be able to integrate the 1 kW electric motor as a hub motor in the rear wheel, a wider aluminum swing arm was designed that takes the footrests on the swing arm mount. The removable Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack sits under the seat. At a speed of 45 km / h, the range should be around 40 kilometers. The entire control electronics are invisible under the sheet metal. An energy-saving LED round headlight has been adapted to the front, while a small LED rear light sits analogously on the shortened rear fender.

Also available as a conversion kit

The 18-inch wire-spoke wheels are fitted with roughly profiled tires. A drum brake decelerates at the front and a filigree disc brake system at the rear. The two rear struts are fully adjustable.

Shanghai Customs

The conversion to an e-bike should also be possible with a kit.

As an information center, a smartphone replaces the conventional cockpit. Networked with the on-board electronics, the parameters of the drive as well as ranges, speed, torque and much more can be read. The eCub from Shanghai Customs can already be ordered in Shanghai, and a complete conversion kit to electric drive should also be available later in the year. However, a price has not yet been named.

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