Spanish GP – Viñales wins the virtual Spanish Grand Prix –

Viñales wins the virtual Grand Prix of Spain

Spanish GP - Viñales wins the virtual Spanish Grand Prix -

Maverick Viñales literally goes "in control" during the virtual GP of Spain with his first Grand Prix victory on a video game console. The Yamaha official wins in front of Alex Marquez and Francesco Bagnaia, all without moving from his sofa during confinement !

After Alex Marquez and Francesco Bagnaia, it is the turn of Maverick Viñales to shine in the framework of the fictitious competition organized on the game "MotoGP 2020" by the promoter of the Grands Prix to maintain a semblance of topicality during this delicate confinement period.

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"At the helm" of his virtual factory M1, the official Yamaha rider wins the Spanish GP ahead of Alex Marquez’s Honda and Francesco Bagnaia’s Ducati, winner of the and the "game" respectively. As always, the start was quite eventful since no less than ten pilots left for the mat … including Viñales !

Bagnaia, on course to win again after this chaotic start, will also fall three laps from the finish to leave the field open to Viñales: the Spaniard took the opportunity to cross the finish line with a beautiful 2.3 seconds ahead of Alex Marquez, while Bagnaia will finally save the podium. 

Spanish GP - Viñales wins the virtual Spanish Grand Prix -

Marc Marquez, Alex Rins and Danilo Petruccci follow, while Fabio Quartararo records a distant eighth place after falling eight (8!) Times on his digital Yamaha Petronas-SRT! Let’s hope that the French "good 20" will be less reckless "in real life" when the championship begins! Provided that the MotoGP season really starts one day… 

Rossi is a little old for the virtual Grands Prix

Valentino Rossi, who had participated in his first virtual race in the previous round, preferred to abstain, indicating that he was past the age of immersing himself in console simulation. To tell the truth, MNC too: like many, these virtual Grands Prix fascinate us infinitely less than the "real" races which tear your ears and shake your guts. !

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"It was better if Maverick did that because he’s a lot more competitive than I am," said the Doctor. “I liked the experience a lot, but I’m not very fast because I’m a little old now for this stuff, although I’ve played PlayStation quite a bit in the past. ordinary, I don’t play car games anymore! "

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