Sport – Loïc Burdin finds death at Le Vigeant –

Loïc Burdin is killed in Le Vigeant

Sport - Loïc Burdin finds death at Le Vigeant -

French speed has experienced another black weekend with the death on Saturday at Le Vigeant, during testing of the French Cup Honda, of the young Haut-Savoyard Loïc Burdin, 21 years old…

New black weekend for French speed with the disappearance, Saturday May 28 at Le Vigeant, of Loïc Burdin, 21, during the first qualifying session of the French Cup Honda.

According to witnesses on the spot, Loïc hit the wall separating the track from the paddocks after losing control of his motorcycle in the corner of the connection. He died of his injuries.

Originally from Clarafond (Haute-Savoie), Loïc was passionate about competition and had been practicing for several seasons like his father, Fernand Burdin, who had played "many sidecar races in the 80s", recalls the Dauphine Liberated.

Moto-Net joins in the pain of his family and loved ones…

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