Sport – Scorpion Masters: Adrien Chareyre best driver of the year 2010! –

Scorpion Masters: Adrien Chareyre best driver of the year 2010 !

Sport - Scorpion Masters: Adrien Chareyre best driver of the year 2010! -

November 13, 2010 will remain a historic date with the coronation of the best French motorcycle rider in all disciplines, but also with the birth of a unique racing concept in the history of motorcycle sport: the Scorpion Master ! Story.

All the ingredients were in place on Saturday to make this first edition of the Scorpion Masters memorable: dream weather, a host of the best French pilots from all disciplines and an organization that is tight to the millimeter..

The result even exceeded expectations with nearly 18,000 spectators on the Alès Mechanical Pole, according to the gendarmes and the Alès municipal police. With world champions in trial, enduro, speed and supermotard, the spectacle was there. !

The dozen invited journalists, as if thrown into the lions’ cage, defended themselves as best they could among these predators thirsty for victories … For my part, although a little intimidated by all these French stars, I gave all I had to save the honor of the Journal moto du Net … Bet won: I did not finish last (30th out of 34 classified) !

The rules of the game are simple: one event in each of the four disciplines (Trial, Enduro, Speed ​​and Supermotard) for the 36 registered pilots (finally 34 present). For each event, points are awarded in reverse order: 36 points for the first, 35 for the second, 34 for the third, etc. At the end of the day, the winner is naturally the one who has totaled the most points.

Three trial zones

After the family photo of the 34 pilots present under the Scorpion arch, let’s go: the day is intense, no room for late risers! We start with the trial: three marked areas, half natural with rockery on an incline and half artificial with 80 cm nozzles, on a slope or uphill. And the difficulty of the three zones is of course increasing…

The event takes place in "open free", but we still have the choice facing the gate between the easier 2 points or the hardest 10 points. Nothing insurmountable, the goal is not to block a pilot, but to make a difference the world level is essential !

Bruno Camozzi starts first and the following competitors have better watch out … Bruno of course passes the three zones to zero, as well as Jerôme Bethune and Loris Gubian, the reigning French Expert champion who will be declared the winner of the Trial event (the tie-breaker is based on the time taken on the courses).

No luck for Sebastien Guillaume: the top world enduro rider falls in the last zone and breaks a collarbone !

For my part, riding a splendid Gas Gas 280 loaned by the organization and after having fought like a devil in the middle of the buzzards and other rockeries, guided by the ignoble knight Sergei – dressed as a dancer for this test of the elites of balance , the guy ends up still in 7th place! – I will tear off a few points in the third zone to the cheers of the Team Site friends who came to support me! "Phew, the hard part is done !", I thought then (but wrongly …).

Enduro: it gets tough !

We go on direct: barely got off the Gas Gas trial, I get on his cousin Gas Gas 300 EC graciously loaned by my friend Moon.

A few hundred meters separate the Trial areas from the Enduro special. It is not much to readjust! I feel lost on this fighter plane which seems to me mounted on stilts, compared to the trial as fine as a bicycle and lowered to death…

Almost all the "good ones" are passed when I arrive at the start of the 9 km road special: a banded track on a slope of the Pôle Mecanique arena. Superb very technical course, nothing impassable but rather strong … for me in any case !

There it is Michael Pichon who takes the best time! After his 5th place in the Trial, here he is at the head of the provisional Scorpion Masters! The second fastest time goes to Johnny Aubert who had obtained the fifteenth place in the Trial … The first in the trial, Loris Gubian, finished the enduro in seventh position. Two points separate the two leaders: the pressure is mounting !

Me ? What, me ? Oh yeah, how did I get out of it? Bad … An obvious lack of physical condition, added to a more than archaic enduro riding technique made me finish … 33rd! Lack of arms and breath I had to stop twice to regain my strength, including one by letting myself fall miserably on a muddy climb! Thank you in passing to Cyril, one of the many volunteers placed on the course to help leeks of my caliber to get out of the biggest difficulties !

At the end of the enduro, the machines are immediately put in a closed park: we do not touch them, just the right to pass them to the Karcher made available by the organization at the entrance of the park. The bikes will be used as they are for the final round: the Supermotard! Nipple tires on the asphalt … I’m already worried !

Then we jump on the bikes chosen for the speed test (choice of free bike, anything goes!) For half an hour of free practice. For my part, I opted for my faithful Yamaha FZ8 from the Dark Dog Moto Tour, carefully tuned for the occasion by the preparatory magician Alain Ginesta from !

Two hour break to regain strength !

Finally the break: the pilots are invited by the organization for a lunch together because Laurent Corric, the organizer, wants to promote a friendly atmosphere and camaraderie in the paddock. Goal achieved !

During this break, many do the accounts and organize a race strategy for the two remaining events, but in a particularly appreciable sporting and friendly atmosphere. "For now, everything is okay", confides Mickael Pichon to Johnny Aubert:"I still have to ensure the speed to not put one, and the supermot that should do it too. It’s gone pretty well for me, well we’ll see !"

In the paddock it is the relaxation in front of the thousands of spectators to whom access is authorized up to a few meters from the boxes.

In box n ° 1, that of Serge Nuques, Sylvain Bidart and William "Wil" Millios, our colleague from Motorcycles and Bikers, it is the usual Grolandaise atmosphere. The infamous Chevalier organizes a raffle to win his last Scorpion Exo 750 duster helmet while Lucas "Bernardo" Mahias, Sergeï’s protege brilliant winner of the Pirelli Cup 2010, engages in a series of autographs on all media … The two friends are preparing their trip to Jerez next weekend, where Lucas will participate in the final of the Spanish Moto 2 Sprint Championship. There is still time to give them a boost: call for possible last minute partners !

Motley speed

Time flies … Already, the sound system calls the pilots in the pre-grid for the timed practices, qualifications for places on the starting grid of the speed test: Jeremy Delenne (n ° 71) obtains the pole in the Monobike Honda 650 XR handlebars.

On the grid, the Grolandaise umbrella girls of the Site team are alongside the Chevalier and it’s the start (Moon the blonde has just time to get out!)

15 laps of fighting … and what should not happen happened: Mickael Pichon made a mistake and stuck a good one that will prevent him from finishing the race … The race is won by Denis Bouan at the controls of an almost original Yamaha R6 (indicators included!), in front of Jeremy Delenne and Sylvain Bidart on the handlebars of his Honda Supermoto … you said spectacular ?

The title of best French rider therefore escapes for Mickael, but the Scorpion Masters are not yet over and it is the final Supermotard that will decide. !

For my part I took a mega foot! I got 17th time on the handlebars of the Yamaha FZ8 from Yam Service thanks to a tip top tuned engine! I like it more and more, this motorcycle !

A single small point then separated Adrien Chareyre and Marc Germain, while Christophe Nambotin was behind them two points behind … Everything is still possible, it will be hot at the Supermot ‘with pacifiers !

Supermotard Final

The riders collect the motorcycles they used for the morning enduro. No time or right to change tires: we will do the Supermot with the tires we had for enduro, that’s the rule !

After a free practice session then qualifying as for speed, the final round of the Scorpion Masters 2010 will start "almost" on time: the Grolandais knight was made to wait on the grid, because Monsignor arrived on horseback !

Instead of the Kart circuit as originally planned, the route will take part of the speed circuit interspersed with a good part of earth with a few turns and jumps closer to motocross than to grass track … Finally, the pacifiers will be welcome for the grip in this part.

On the starting grid, the pressure is at the maximum … The red flag moves away, red light, green light … and let’s go! It starts strong, very strong even and at the entrance of the first corner the braking is sporty !

The pacifiers are not made for the bitumen and a handful of drivers get tangled up in a pile-up carrying Marc Germain and all his chances of overtaking Adrien Chareyre in the final classification, despite a spectacular comeback (he will finish 7th) … Mickael Pichon is in the lead followed closely by a wild Sylvain Bidart, while Regis Laconi falls but starts again to finish 21st !

A few grapples and ten laps later, Mickael Pichon was the first to cross the checkered flag! Too bad for his fall in speed, but the title will not be for him this year…

Husqvarna rider Adrien Chareyre, three-time Supermoto world champion, finished fifth and, thanks to his consistency in all disciplines (8/6/8/5), won the supreme title of best French motorcycle rider of the year !

Second place for Marc Germain ahead of Christophe Nambotin third and the knight Sergeï who remains at the foot of the podium in fourth position.

The Scorpion Masters 2010 ends with the memory of an exceptional event that launches a new genre. We hope that the organizer will put the cover back in 2011 with such gusto! A big thank you to all those thanks to whom this incomparable race took place, without forgetting all the essential volunteers, main actors in the success of this achievement..

Tomorrow I will quit smoking and work on my condition … Respects to Adrien Chareyre for his performance and congratulations to Laurent Corric for having dared – and succeeded – such an organization. Rendezvous for the 2011 edition: stay connected !

Final classification Scorpion Masters 2010

No. Last name First name Team Category Trial Enduro Speed Supermot Total
8 Chareyre Adrien 8 – 30 years old 29 31 29 32 121
3 Germain Marc 2 + 30 years old 31 34 23 30 118
17 Nambotin Christophe 3 – 30 years old 33 32 19 31 115
13 Necks Serges 1 + 30 years old 30 27 26 29 112
10 Aubert Johnny 7 – 30 years old 22 35 18 34 109
101 Pichon Mickael 3 + 30 years old 32 36 36 104
64 Bidart Sylvain 1 – 30 years old 9 24 34 35 102
19 Bethune Jerome 9 – 30 years old 35 21 16 26 98
21 Vincent Arnaud 5 + 30 years old 20 18 32 27 97
9 Gubian Loris 12 – 30 years old 36 30 11 19 96
2 Esquirol Cyril 10 + 30 years old 24 29 13 28 94
14 Joly Jeremy 6 – 30 years old 16 33 12 33 94
55 Laconi Regis 4 + 30 years old 25 16 33 16 90
4 Pidoux Laurent 9 + 30 years old 18 22 24 24 88
71 Delenne Jeremy 11 Hurry 17 9 35 25 86
6 Bouan Denis 11 + 30 years old 21 12 36 15 84
16 Camozzi Bruno 6 + 30 years old 34 26 10 14 84
100 Traccan Thierry 7 Hurry 26 23 14 21 84
20 Skua Jordan 12 Hurry 19 15 21 23 78
25 Cayrol Mathieu 4 Hurry 13 13 28 17 71
23 Angot Richard 8 Hurry 27 20 22 69
26 Lefevre Philippe 6 Hurry 28 8 22 10 68
11 Houben Stefan 2 Hurry 23 17 15 11 66
1 Puy Ludivine 2 – 30 years old 10 19 17 18 64
7 Masbou Alexis 5 – 30 years old 3 25 31 5 64
5 Bolley Fred 7 + 30 years old 14 28 20 62
75 Chambon Boris 8 + 30 years old 12 11 30 6 59
69 Rossi Louis 10 – 30 years old 8 6 25 9 48
200 Lacaze Stephane 5 Hurry 7 7 27 7 48
18 Troussard Marc 10 Hurry 5 5 20 8 38
199 Milios William 1 Hurry 11 10 13 34
24 Gisquiere Serge 3 Hurry 4 14 12 30
12 Guillaume Sebastien 12 + 30 years old 15 15
45 Dietrich Guillaume 4 – 30 years old 6 4 4 14


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