Sport – Team Yamaha RAC41 is an orphan … –

The Yamaha RAC41 Team is orphaned…

Sport - Team Yamaha RAC41 is an orphan ... -

The pain is immense for the members of the Endurance RAC41 team: Arnaud Larose died last Friday in a plane crash. His wife Laurence, his son, his daughter-in-law and the pilot did not survive.

Just a month ago, Site relayed the joy and ambitions of the RAC41 team, back in the Yamaha fold within the World Endurance Championship (read)…

Unfortunately, a much more tragic news has just emitted from the official website of the team: "we are saddened to announce the tragic death of Arnaud Larose, team manager of RAC41, in a plane crash which occurred on Friday February 11 at around 12:45 pm in the Val d’Annivers in Switzerland. The plane crashed near the tip of Tourtemagne at an altitude of 3,000 meters as it was heading towards Sion"

On vacation in Switzerland since last Wednesday, Arnaud was to take the opportunity to participate in a dinner Friday evening organized by one of his pilots, Greg Jugnot. Earlier in the afternoon, "Christian Roman, one of the young biker’s sponsors, had planned a ride in the mountains, aboard a small tourist plane", relate our colleagues from The New Republic

"Arnaud was accompanied by his wife Laurence, his son Enzo and his daughter-in-law Clemence, as well as the pilot of the plane. They didn’t survive", specifies the team.

Aged 40, Arnaud was a member of the motorway peloton of Monnaie (Indre-et-Loire), but was especially renowned in the motorcycle world for his role as team manager of the RAC41 team. With this, he got 3rd place in the last 24 Hours of Le Mans, and 4th place in the last two Bol d’Or.

Fourth in the championship in 2010, Arnaud and his team expected to do even better in 2011 with Yamaha, but also Michelin. From now on, "we don’t know what’s going to happen", admits to The New Republic Bernard Marmion, one of the RAC41 partners: "Arnaud was the soul of the team…"

The entire Site team sends its condolences to Arnaud’s family and friends..

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