Sport – The return of the Kawa Cup – KAWASAKI occasions

The return of the Kawa Cup

Sport - The return of the Kawa Cup - KAWASAKI occasions

Born in 1971, the Coupe Kawa has left its mark on a whole generation of bikers. After an unsuccessful attempt in the early 90s, the Greens offer an ER-6 Cup to allow as many people as possible to taste motorcycle competition..

Big names in French motorcycling started in the Coupe Kawa – Alain Meyer, Gilles Mallet, Marc Fontan, Jean-Claude Meilland, Michel Baloche, Christian Le Liard, Thierry Espie, Herve Guilleux, Patrick Pons, Christian Sarron or the late Bruno Bonhuil (read) -, but the essential was elsewhere: the cut was above all the possibility for many bikers to have fun and take full advantage of their S2 350, S3 400 or other Z 250 !

After having reached its climax in 1977 with 380 drivers present at the qualifying days (the famous K Days), the cup was emptied in 1982. The arrival of the 250 KR1 marked a timid return of the formula from 1989 to 1993 but failed to federate.

But now is the time for green revenge, because Kawasaki wishes to rediscover the philosophy of the end of the glorious 70’s through this cup: "the first leitmotif of this "New Age" Kawa Cup, organized with the support of the FFM, is simple: allow as many people as possible to taste the unparalleled pleasures and sensations of motorcycle speed competition, in complete safety and at the lowest possible cost. Second objective: to reveal the most talented of the peloton and allow them, why not, to make a name for themselves in the world of motorcycle racing", explains Kawa.

A rebirth of which "the arrival of the new and very bubbly ER-6 served as the trigger", specifies the manufacturer who recorded thanks to this model an excellent month of November (read).

Only the bare version ER-6n (read) will be admitted. The ER-6f (read) – which will be released in February – will be dedicated to the road.

The formula will include eight rounds integrated into the 2006 French Promosport Cups calendar organized by the FFM, with the exception of the Le Mans event replaced by "a prestigious race contested as a prologue to the Bol d’Or Moto"specifies Kawasaki France.

In order to attract as many participants as possible, Kawasaki has drawn up regulations "very closely inspired by that of Promosports"which requires a minimum of modifications. Already, the Greens promise that the Cup will be"very generously endowed with multiple additional challenges intended to reward a maximum of participants".

If you want to imitate Randy de Puniet (read) and Regis Laconi (read), who will both race on Kawa in MotoGP and Superbike respectively, information and registration files can be requested now from the Kawasaki Cup unit at the FFM, Green-line Kawasaki Cup:

  • Phone. : 01 49 23 77 59

  • E-mail :

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