Sporty – 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R test: the beauty of the Gex – GSX-R 1000 test page 1 – Static: Suzuki back on top

2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R review: the beauty of Gex

Sporty - 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R test: the beauty of the Gex - GSX-R 1000 test page 1 - Static: Suzuki back on top

Driven by the most recent hypersport motorcycles for lack of developments over the past ten years or so, Suzuki is tightly contracting its muscles to regain pole position with its new 2017 GSX-R1000.. MNC tested its high-end version, the GSX-R1000R, on the sumptuous circuit of Phillip Island (Australia). Test !

GSX-R 1000 test page 1 – Static: Suzuki back on top

"Watch out for birds … Seagulls but also geese can cross the track at all times!", Warn us – very seriously – the "marshals" of Phillip Island on our arrival on this sublime circuit of the antipodes … With a majority of curves negotiated between 150 and 200 km / h, the threat is very real: a collision with one of these charming birds can ring the pilot and lead him to crash, in one of the clearances bordered by the ocean Indian a few hundred meters below… Atmosphere between "Ushuaia" and "Hunting and fishing" !

Sporty - 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R test: the beauty of the Gex - GSX-R 1000 test page 1 - Static: Suzuki back on top

MNC had the unfortunate experience of this during his last session on the new 2017, in the second curve of this fabulous track on which he holds the record for victories in MotoGP (5). In this double left, a couple of geese believe they have priority and cross under our wheels (photo below): panic on board! Despite the clear increase in agility of the Gex 1000, our knee-to-the-ground avoidance maneuver failed: a goose hooked the slimmer fairing, narrowly avoiding breaking the new LED front optic – surrounded by lines of diodes specific to the version. "R" -, and hits our right knee…

The beast of ten kilos rolls in the side in a cloud of feathers, while MNC praises the smoothness and the responsiveness of the ABS Nissin able to manage a sudden braking on the angle by adjusting the pressure between the ‘front and rear (see our section on page 3). Phew! Well, we are not really proud to have "shot" a bird, but still relieved to have stayed on our original wheels with Bridgestone RS10! Admit that it would have been a nerd to end such a day in the Australian gravel because of a reckless goose !

Sporty - 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R test: the beauty of the Gex - GSX-R 1000 test page 1 - Static: Suzuki back on top

Because besides having the privilege of riding Phillip Island – the favorite circuit of the majority of MotoGP and WSBK riders, where no press presentation has been held since … there! -, the test of this sixth generation of GSX-R1000 reveals a particularly sharp motorcycle. And that is excellent news for the many "GSX-R-ists" (more than a million GSX-R sold, all displacements combined, since the first 750 in 1985), but also for the motorcycle market. sports: the category may lose the aspi commercially speaking, it continues to inspire dreams and to convey the know-how of manufacturers with prestige. 

With this new vintage long awaited since its official presentation at the, Suzuki is – finally – back in the race. If we can blame the coat of arms of Hamamatsu for its slowness to move into the modern era (the last major overhaul dates back to, the models and being rather evolutions otherwise devoid of electronic crutches like the anti-skating), the 2017 GSX-R1000 was clearly worth the wait with no less than "600 new parts" ! 

Sporty - 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R test: the beauty of the Gex - GSX-R 1000 test page 1 - Static: Suzuki back on top

Or rather "the" new GSX-R, because Suzuki is declining its sports car in two versions for 2017, as its compatriots Honda, Kawasaki and Yamaha have recently done. From now on, the range revolves around the GSX-R1000 "all-short" – with combined ABS, three maps on the handlebars and an inertial unit (IMU) which informs its traction control -, and the GSX-R1000 "R" which also receives more high-end Showa suspensions, a double-acting shifter (up and down gear without disengaging) and electronic refinements such as a starting assistant and an ABS sensitive to the inclination thanks to the IMU.

"The queen of Superbike"

Gone is the half-measure of the previous GSX-R1000: the novelty takes on an assumed track orientation and leaves in its efficient retros its image of Hypersport frequentable on a daily basis, not to say comfortable – all things considered. "The queen of Superbikes", (says) Suzuki. Just that ! Its engine has been thoroughly revised for this purpose and receives, among other things, an unprecedented variable distribution derived from MotoGP capable – on paper – of combining torque at mid-range and punch in the laps.. 

Sporty - 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R test: the beauty of the Gex - GSX-R 1000 test page 1 - Static: Suzuki back on top

And turns, the GSX-R1000 takes to nab the giddy: 14,500 rpm at the switch against 13,500 in 2016 (all on page 3). A real turbine, whose powerful breath is felt from idle when you place your hand at the exit of its unique titanium silencer: the movement of hot air is impressive! If the aesthetics of this pot are not unanimous, its sound is consensus: deep and cavernous at the bottom, it turns to metallic hiss with a very hoarse tone (and not acute as on some 4-cylinder rivals), on background of deaf suction of the air box. A real noise from "Gex" (listen to it on our): fans will be delighted ! 

In the end, this sharp and refined engine develops the trifle of 202 hp and 117.6 Nm of torque, or values ​​located at the top of the basket: if the and each claim 200 hp, the new one just admits for example "that" 192 hp … But the Fireblade 2017 also weighs 7 kg less (195 against 202 kg for the Suz ‘): far from being negligible at this level! It should be noted that our parallel with the Honda Hypersport is not innocent, because the GSX-R1000 uses a geometry similar to that of the CBR to boost its handling, set back until then.  

The shank and the caster angle are thus identical to a hair’s breadth (23.2 ° and 95 mm against 23.2 ° and 96 mm on the Honda!), As is the wheelbase – very short – of 1410 mm against 1405 for the CBR1000RR. These similarities also extend to the capacity of the tank (16 liters) or the choice of suspensions, in this case a Showa BPF (Big Piston Front) fork on the base GSX-R and Fireblade (all on page 3 ). The GSX-R1000R tested here inherits a very racy BFF (Balance Free Font) fork and a separate cartridge damper with the same technology, as on the ZX-10R. 

Sporty - 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000R test: the beauty of the Gex - GSX-R 1000 test page 1 - Static: Suzuki back on top

On the other hand, noticeable differences appear between the eternal Japanese rivals, starting with their price positioning: the standard GSX-R1000 costs some 2,000 euros less than the ZX-10R (17,899 €) – better suspended, however – and the CBR1000RR "tout court" (17,999 €). As for the R1 and its tasty Crossplane engine, it starts at € 18,999, the price of the GSX-R1000 version "R" … and 3,000 euros more than the standard GSX-R! Still, the Yamaha receives attractive and high-quality peripherals such as magnesium rims and rear buckle, a color TFT screen (monochrome LCD on the Gex) and a single-acting shifter, sorely absent on the standard GSX-R1000..

The price difference increases further with the high-end versions, especially on the side of the winged crest: the CBR1000RR SP with its titanium tank and its electronically controlled Ohlins suspensions costs € 22,499, against "only" € 18,999 for the GSX-R1000R and its manually adjustable damping! This reasonable price in the category, makes the Suzuki the most accessible 200 hp Superbike in its "entry-level" version, far ahead of the € 21,390 demanded by Ducati for its record power of 205 hp! When we tell you that the Yellows have gone all out for 2017 !

And the best part is that the rest of the package is just as attractive: hold your breath to dive with us on the next page into the famous "Doohan Corner", the first right turn of Phillip Island where the chord point s catches at over 170 km / h! And this, a microsecond after having seen 282 km / h at the end of the straight line of the pits on the very readable and complete digital instrumentation on a black background, which provides information, among other things, on the gear engaged, the time or the level and fuel consumption (see our).

Let things be clear: the new "4-legged" of the GSX-R works hard, very hard even … And to be confirmed, nothing could be simpler: go to page 2 to experience this test !

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