Sporty – Honda CBR600RR 2013 test: the sacred fire – Sacred fine remains!

2013 Honda CBR600RR Review: Sacred Fire

Sporty - Honda CBR600RR 2013 test: the sacred fire - Sacred fine remains!

Will the 2013 Honda CBR600RR be able to replace its rivals with a slight facelift, fine-tuned injection and a new “big piston” fork? To find out, Site tested the one that has long been a reference in Supersport.

Sacred beautiful remains !

Covered in Honda-Repsol’s famous "orange-red-black" colors (+ 200 euros), the new 2013 CBR600RR puts you directly in the suit of a factory rider: tilted forward and as small as the current ones HRC "jockeys" in MotoGP (Marquez and Pedrosa), the mid-capacity sports bike from the world’s leading manufacturer seems straight out of a paddock.

Discreet at low revs, its 599 cc in-line 4-cylinder (almost identical to the previous vintage, with the exception of the air intake and injection: read our Technical point on the penultimate page) however, not shake the ground like the Grand Prix RCVs! But its metallic murmur with more muffled accents at the approach of 5000 rpm produces its small effect, especially since it escapes from an exhaust remarkably integrated in the narrow rear shell.

If this technical choice appears very questionable in terms of dynamic efficiency and comfort (the saddles, especially that of the passenger, retransmit some of the calories generated by the silencer), it gives the CBR600RR a welcome touch of singularity in the face of low outputs. adopted by all its competitors. Including the new Triumph Daytona whose iconic triple-ended silencer gives way to a side element that is undoubtedly more classic, but clearly more effective in containing and refocusing the masses (read our).

A prolonged glance in the reflection returned by a window (ah, the ego of a sports car owner!) Allows to appreciate the "air" side released by the rear of the Honda, a feeling reinforced by its extreme compactness. Although it hasn’t received any major upgrades in six years, except for the introduction of electronic ABS in 2009 (read our and our), the overall silhouette of the CBR600RR hasn’t taken on. a wrinkle.

Thanks to the new shapes of its front face, this 2013 vintage even offers itself a little makeover that was urgently needed to remain "trendy". This more muscular face, stylistically close to the grille of the latest generations of American Mustang cars, does not radically transform the Honda but gives it a new, more aggressive visual identity..

Dynamically, this new trim would also lower by 6.5% the resistance to air penetration of the motorcycle in the "normal" position, and 5% when its driver is lying in dab on the tank of 18 , 1 liters. More beautiful and more efficient: very good, therefore !

Same flattering observation concerning the addition of imitation carbon parts on the sides of the fairings and around the exhaust: it’s racing, coco! And how not to swoon over this splendid swinging arm that we imagine lovingly polished by a technician from the HRC? Or its 4-piston radial calipers and this new "Big Piston" fork topped with pretty anodized plugs ?

Equipment: hot and cold…

Too bad that the replacement of the tiny screen was not part of the facelift granted to the front part: from the height of his meter sixty, even Dani Pedrosa would take full quiche on the handlebars of the CBR600RR 2013! Glued as close as possible to the "4-legs", the side fairings bring – unsurprisingly – little more protection to the lower body.

Likewise, how can we not regret that the winged crest has led to the cockpit identically? The commodos, especially the one on the left, are "cheap" with their square buttons, while the half-analog, half-digital instrumentation is about as exciting as an animal documentary at 3am … What austerity in its presentation ! A chrome surround around the tachometer and a less dull surface treatment would enhance the whole….

However, the whole is functional: the presence of warning, a coded key and a fuel gauge is even very appreciable on a motorcycle of this type, while the needle indicating the engine speed is perfectly readable. Unfortunately, this is not the case with the time, the odometer and the two daily trips, the smallness of which requires good eyes to be deciphered while driving.

On a daily basis, the absence of a control for scrolling this information on the handlebars, an adjustment of the clutch spacing, adjustable-height footrests, and angled rim valves is also sorely regretted. The beautiful makes up for it by offering an acceptable turning radius … for a sportswoman! A feature that can be taken advantage of thanks to the electronic steering damper, which adapts the stiffness of the steering to the speed.

On the other hand, the "trackers" will surely not appreciate that a motorcycle seven times world champion in Supersport world (from 2002 to 2008) continues to ignore the benefits of an anti-dribble clutch, a gear indicator engaged, a shift-light and – to a lesser extent – a chronometer….

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