Sporty – Test of the new Daytona 675 R: Catch me if you can! – Ohlins for better English spinning

New Daytona 675 R review: Catch me if you can !

Sporty - Test of the new Daytona 675 R: Catch me if you can! - Ohlins for better English spinning

By inviting the press to the magnificent – but extremely demanding – Portimao circuit, Triumph has decided to put its new Daytona 675 R – and the testers – to the test! Is the new English the new lethal weapon on the track ? First try.

Ohlins for better English spinning

As the laps and sessions progress, the pace accelerates. After 8000 rpm, the Triple expresses itself with ardor but the rear axle manages the arrival of horses wonderfully. Only once, during the final session, the swingarm and rear tire – a bit tired – were overwhelmed and let the Dayto slip stealthily..

To be quite frank, it takes a more than substantial technical background to see the limits of this Daytona R. It will leave the majority of its owners – track day enthusiasts more than contenders for the title of Supersport champion – the feeling of being able to devour turns ever faster and to emerge from them by accelerating always earlier !

The Ohlins TTX36 shock absorber is surely no stranger to this feeling of perfect handling. Designed in close collaboration with Triumph, this equipment specific to the Daytona R incorporates Ohlins’ latest technical innovation called "twin-tube".

As the name suggests, the Swedish shock absorber has two separate hydraulic circuits, one working on compression and the other on rebound. "Separating the two functions makes it possible to refine the management of pressure changes and improve the feeling of the pilot", describes Paul Petterson, member of the Ohlins UK staff..

The NIX30 fork is also based on the same principle: "the compression adjustment is made on the left tube, that of the rebound on the right", continues the English manager. Thus, the two settings are accessible at the top of the fork leg, while the two compression / rebound times are separated for better efficiency..

On the Portuguese track, the suspensions had a lot to do: distorted by the cars – the autodrome is running after Formula 1 homologation -, the surface of Portimao requires quality suspensions to attack serenely.

And that’s exactly what the little Englishwoman allows: firmly planted on its Ohlins, the Dayto R plays with the irregularities of the asphalt. The huge straight line that commands the straight may be strewn with many bumps, it can be negotiated down to four. We then come out at a little over 200 km / h, without shivering too much !

"For today, taking into account the track and the conditions, we have chosen a compromise between the road setting and a more radical track setting.", warns Felipe Lopez, Triumph test pilot. A setting without doubt optimal for a" real "pilot, but MNC for its part preferred the factory setting..

With the more open hydraulics, the Daytona 675 R erases small roughness better, without fishing in stability or rigor. Climb the slopes of the Portimao circuit, cross its series of more or less rapid turns, hurtle down its steep slopes – on one wheel! -, all this becomes devilishly enjoyable at the controls of the Triumph !

Note, however, especially for beginners, that the Daytona 675 R is not the most accessible of sports. The front axle is certainly precise when entering a curve, but lacks a hint of neutrality when releasing the brakes on the angle.

Fortunately, the lightness of the beast makes it possible to counter the slight changes of course without forcing too much. Likewise, the front axle must be monitored during strong acceleration: it tends to unload and the steering damper – "a Showa apparently, but Ohlins is on the spot !", smile the managers of the Swedish brand – does not absorb all the jolts.

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