Sporty – The Aprilia RSV4 Factory takes the lion’s share! – The new Superbike star?

The Aprilia RSV4 Factory takes the lion’s share !

Sporty - The Aprilia RSV4 Factory takes the lion's share! - The new Superbike star?

Beautiful to die for, equipped with the best components and an incredible V4, the new Aprilia RSV4 Factory is the scathing revenge of the Lion of Noale in Hypersports. Sensitive souls abstain: it is a barely civilized race animal… Test !

The new Superbike star ?

It’s already the last session of the day … The Diablo Supercorsa SP are starting to show obvious signs of fatigue and there are only three of us left to take to the track for a last run … under the anxious eyes of the men Aprilia France, well aware of the little smirk on our lips … The magic of the V4 associated with a competition chassis worked in full force: the Alès layout gave way to a circuit of the Superbike world championship, and the curious few turn into a delirious crowd !

One last time, the motorcycles get off their crutches and it’s a real race that begins! More than an impressive technical sheet and the physique of an ultra sharp athlete, it is this ability to tele-transport yourself directly to a paddock at the slightest rotation of the gas handle that makes the RSV4 Factory a unique machine, a exception in a category yet oh so exceptional…

But the Aprilia is not just a racing prototype, uncontrollable and unmanageable for those who have not won a world championship in the last ten years: the formidable power of the V4 is fully exploitable – with a few reservations in mode " Track "! – and allows you to go very, very quickly without feeling overwhelmed by the 180 hp.

Benefiting from a bluffing maneuverability for a large displacement, the RSV4 Factory is fully savored thanks to a sensational framework of feeling and efficiency, which forgives its apprentice pilot a lot. Despite worn tires causing loss of the front under braking, coupled with a good glide from the rear under acceleration, the bike has always found its course with ease and ease, without its tester – and its underwear ! – are not really worried about it !

In addition, despite eight 20-minute sessions on a circuit poorly suited to so much power, the bike has not exploded our physical condition: the result of careful ergonomics designed for the track. Still, with these crazy peripherals and its elitist price (€ 19,990), the RSV4 Factory plays more in the court of Ducati 1198 S (€ 21,990) and KTM RC8R (€ 20,590).

"No, the RSV4 is not only intended to become the benchmark for Europeans !", emphasizes Alain Roger forcefully:"the R version – with suspensions and a few less expensive parts -, which will arrive in France next September at a price of around € 15,000, will directly compete with market references".

Implied: it will subdue them all for a price perhaps lower than that of the new R1 (15,749 €, read our) and the Honda CBR 1000 RR (15,690 € and even 16,690 € with the C-ABS , read our)! It remains to be seen whether the desirable Italian will be able to retain its qualities by removing its Ohlins fittings and other elements – carbon parts, alloy rims, chassis settings? – which contribute to making it as precise as it is easy to handle…

At the same time, it is legitimate to wonder about its road skills: firm and racing, the RSV4 could stick its tongue out on the roads – especially if they are bumpy! And what will remain of the fabulous character of V4 once the French censorship has operated? Suspense !

As for the passenger, the question has already been settled: by managing not to smile, the technicians presented us the saddle that can be installed on the RSV4 … and whose dimensions are are similar to those of a sponge! As for its thickness…

More than ever, Aprilia has put all the expertise and passion that drive its workshops to design a true fantasy factory. A racy mistress, on whom all heads are turning, who should quickly sow discord in the Hypersport category !

It is indeed not for nothing that the greatest teams of the World Superbike are already starting to tremble in front of the two podiums and the two fifth places of a certain Max Biaggi….

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