Statistical reports – The 80 km-h evaluation committee is concerned about the increase in road accidents –

80 km / h Rating Committee expresses concern over increase in road accidents

Statistical reports - The 80 km-h evaluation committee is concerned about the increase in road accidents -

The independent 80 km / h evaluation committee, set up by several associations opposed to this reduction in speed, denounces "worrying" figures far from the government’s objectives. Explanations.

Like every month, the Ministry of the Interior communicates the provisional number of accidents, injuries and deaths on the roads of France via the Direction de la securite routière (DSR).

  • MNC special file :
  • MNC special file :

Although these monthly figures are insignificant – particularly in view of the variation in the total number of trips and weather conditions – official data for mainland France show a mortality increase of 8.8% in September 2018 by compared to (323 deaths Vs 297), while the number of injured goes from 6,295 to 6,568 (+ 4.3%) and that of accidents from 5,088 to 5,373 (+ 5.6%).

The DSR estimates that the increase in the number of deaths "particularly concerns motorcyclists (81 killed in September 2018), due to a weather without rain in the south of France (which favors motorbike travel, Editor’s note) , and to a lesser extent senior motorists, whose journeys increase when the summer extends into September ". In short: the more time you spend on the road, the more you risk having a road accident … which looks like a magnificent truism..

For his part, the judge considers this increase "worrying with regard to government objectives" (which are, let us remember, to "save" 400 lives thanks to 80 km / h)…

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This is "the strongest increase of the year and, with the exception of 2016 (), the worst month of September since 2012", calculates the committee, stressing that "the users most affected by this increase are motorists, motorcyclists and truckers, ie the categories most directly affected by the lowering of the speed limit to 80 km / h ".

"It unfortunately appears from these provisional figures that the downward trend observed even before the entry into force of the measure on July 1, 2018 simply continued in the third quarter of 2018, which is not in line with the objectives announced ", notes Jean-Luc Michaud, President of the Independent 80 km / h Evaluation Committee (above center).

Over the first nine months of the year – so well before the 80 km / h limit on July 1 – the trend remains on the downside with 2,426 road deaths since January (-5.4% compared to at the same period 2017).

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