Test Honda F 6 C

Test, Honda F6C

Honda F 6 C

Forget everything you’ve ever heard about cruisers.

E.There’s no end to it: small cruisers, big cruisers, good cruisers, bad cruisers, beautiful cruisers, wild cruisers. Cruisers that aren’t cruisers, cruisers that the world doesn’t need. The market has been shaken by cruiser fever for months, the newspapers are full of cruiser stories, the manufacturers greedy for cruiser concepts: Eat cruiser, sleep cruiser, think cruiser, drive cruiser. Now you can hardly hear the word, and We just believed that we had said everything about this type of motorcycle, understood everything, explained everything.

But just at that moment, THE cruiser comes: Honda F 6 C. Ober-Cruiser, Über-Cruiser, Cruiser-Cruiser … this is where the vocabulary finally fails. It’s amazing how quickly modern terms wear out: six cylinders, 1520 cubic meters, in the open version tested, 106 hp. Even the key data of the engine seem like a paragraph from the Book of Records. It continues in a similar style: 207 km / h top speed, 3.6 seconds from zero to one hundred, and there is pulling power, pulling through – people – oo without end. From 1600 rpm there are over 100 Newton meters, the highest torque greets at 4200 tours with 141 Nm. Anyone who has plucked the accelerator cable at almost 1500 revs – in the last gear, mind you – and felt the thrust of the six-cylinder, should be the gentle force of this engine be dilapidated. Everything is just right: great acceleration, enormous elasticity, smooth run, catchy sound. From the boisterous savage who runs at full speed in no time to the hardened sovereign who lets the world go by – no matter what role he has to play, the boxer engine dominates it. The Flat Six was already in the Honda Gold Wing, from which he comes, as a real boy wonder, here, in the context of the F 6, he thrives to become a King Tiger. Which is of course less due to the chrome, which – without any modesty – was immediately distributed over the engine by buckets, but is much more due to various technical modifications. Instead of a pair of 33s, half a dozen 27s carburettors are used, sharper camshafts control twelve valves, now without hydraulic valve clearance compensation, and the exhaust system has been optimized. A positive side effect of the last-mentioned measure: The F 6 sounds 17 times better than the Gold Wing and plays the hell out of the competition. How does the new Honda drive, you want to know? Well, if you could put that into words – that would be something. Have you ever sailed? With a boat, of course. No. Neither do I. But it must feel similar. Majestic. Sublime. With that certain indolence that is inherent in so much elegance. In addition – a 335 kilogram six-cylinder doesn’t just drive like that: it swings. He pushes and steams and cruises through the area. Seven hundred pounds of motorcycles are no stick. The Valkyrie lives up to its name. On the occasion: Valkyrie will not be called the F 6 in Germany. The image of the unearthly female being who – according to a Norse myth – wandered across battlefields to collect dead heroes is a bit too heavy for the German importer. In Ami-Land, on the other hand, where the six-pack is put together, you either like stories like this – or you don’t know them. Whether Valkyrie or not: The F 6 is a dream of a motorcycle, at least when maneuvering and in small and small businesses requires some lard. There is no reverse gear à la Gold Wing here, but the low seat height makes handling the Brummer a lot easier: 750 millimeters, the little ones will be happy again. In general, despite its expansive structure, the giant cruiser welcomes short people as friendly as it does long. The ergonomic conditions are almost perfect. Even in the second row. The backrest has to be, however, as otherwise personnel losses cannot be ruled out when accelerating. Far from inner-city rumgegurkes, the Honda can be steered without any effort on the wide handlebars. She reacts slowly, but you adapt to it. Then it works. And how. Surprisingly easy. The load is already being seriously transferred – that works too. No inconsistencies, no mean things. Just a few cardan reactions when the load changes and – of course – the pull-up moment of the 150 mm front tire when braking in an inclined position. Otherwise: everything is easy, so there is no doubt: the chassis also has style. That’s why the hardness of the spring elements shouldn’t be missing. Imagine this load swaying due to shock absorbers that are too soft. Can happen quickly with the weight. And then: what to do with all the horses and Newtons? No, no, better a bit tighter, but stable. In all situations. Both in long corners and at top speed on scruffy motorways – if you’re interested, the Valkyrie can also brake. Pretty good for cruiser standards. Compared to sporting facilities, however, the three F 6 panes break. Yes, and then there’s a bit of unpleasant news: Unfortunately, Honda Germany won’t be offering the Supercruiser until November. In Offenbach there is currently no agreement on how much it should cost. Every time the question of the price rings up, a kind of Babylonian language confusion sets in. The only useful information: You want to stay well below 30,000 marks. That’s it.

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Test Honda F 6 C

Honda F 6 C

Honda F6 C (T) (archive version) – My conclusion

As you make your bed, so you lie. And Honda should be spot on with the F 6 C. There is no better way to interpret the cruiser theme. The Valkyrie is truly a dream. 100 hp has never been so exciting and relaxing at the same time. Mass never felt so natural. Seldom has a bike attracted so much attention. And this sound – first class. The F 6 is also suitable as a deck chair, which is more important than you might think at first glance. You already know: My bike is my castle. A cruiser is somehow also a living room. If this concept doesn’t work, then nothing will work at all. Monika Schulz

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