Test Over-Yamaha XJR 1400


Test Over-Yamaha XJR 1400


It blows your bank account, bursts with strength, storms through the area as if on fire, and it makes you realize once and for all: You are a worm.

One look at the alternator cover – and you have essentially understood the Over-Yamaha: “I’ve got the power,” it says. Short, dry, apt. Because behind the cooling fins of the souped-up XJR 1200 SP lurk no less than 150 hp. Real ones – mind you.

How did they get there? Well – Theo was home alone again. Theo Laaks, exactly that: Over-importer, Yamaha dealer and engine specialist in one person. He took on the 1200 four-cylinder, gave it 1380 cc, swapped the 36 Mikuni constant pressure carburettors for 40 flat slides, installed various over parts (reinforced clutch, huge oil cooler, racing ignition, exhaust system), and the result was this hellish part.

You throw the throttle and from then on Germany is just too small. With an infernal thrust, the row four catapults you into orbit. Acceleration, pulling power, pulse frequency – everything takes on a new dimension. Boooab: Less than three seconds, the Tachonaldel is already rushing past the 100 mark. Rrratsch – it tears the asphalt from under you, and the world pulls you into its throat with tremendous power.

At 8300 revolutions the concentrated power of the 150 HP presses on the crankshaft, but life-affirming creatures knock out the main fuse beforehand. “One of our people collapsed after the first test drive,” says Laaks. Absolutely imaginable.

Just starting up requires a certain amount of nerve strength. Neither the throttle nor the clutch can be precisely dosed, and when the power starts – clack – there is almost no tomorrow. So: start in the second. This helps. The carburettors respond cleanly from 3000 rpm. From then on, the tap can be torn open in one jolt, and the horsepower rush through in fast motion. Flat slide just.
On the side, however, all the fun consumes half a fortune. Not just in the form of many, many liters of fuel. Until the XJR is ready: For example, 3250 marks are due for the displacement expansion, the carburetor costs 2398 marks, the ignition system costs 789 marks, the oil cooler costs 2490 marks …
who the Over would like to have as shown, with height-adjustable swing arm, Brembo brake, important footrest system, beautiful handlebar brackets, fart and flint, is moving towards a staggering 40,000 marks. If there are still a few marks left, they should definitely be invested in the fork. That is where Theo Laaks saved money. Oddly enough. Because the dog has always been buried here: The XJR fork is inherently too weak, and the Over simply makes the part ready. By the way: The alternator cover is available for a mere 258 stones.

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