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Ducati Streetfighter V4

Even sportier with factory accessories

Ducati has launched various accessories for its top naked bike, which should make the Streetfighter V4 look even sportier.

With the S.treetfighter V4 Ducati has already launched an extremely designed naked bike – extreme in terms of performance and extreme in terms of appearance. If you still want to further optimize your Streetfighter V4, you will now find what you are looking for in the Ducati factory accessories.

An exhaust system from Akrapovic made entirely of titanium is intended to enhance the look, reduce weight and further optimize the sound. Ducati promised 5.5 kilograms less. With the enclosed software update for the engine control, the peak power, peak torque and mid-range power should each increase by up to 6 percent.

The Ducati range has wing elements made of exposed carbon as a replacement for the series winglets. They don’t make it faster, but they look incredibly good. The new nine-spoke magnesium wheels for the Streetfighter V4, which are suitable for road use, should be clearly noticeable. They should be 3 kilograms lighter than the standard version. Compared to the wheels of the S variant, there should still be a weight advantage of 0.7 kilograms.

Dry clutch only for the slopes


For friends of open-running dry clutches, the range of accessories has a dry clutch kit from STM EVO-SBK with a half-open carbon cover. However, both are only intended for use on the racetrack.

Made from visible carbon, there are new heel guards for mounting on the footrests and a new tank cover. AT milled aluminum lid is also available for the tank. Those who prefer to leave the pillion at home can cover the rear seat bun with a cover. New handles should improve the grip on the handlebars. An adjustable footrest system made by Rizoma allows better adjustment of the sitting position.

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