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Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro / Sport Pro in the driving report

First exit with the new scrambler variants

With a few changes, Ducati has given the 1100 Scrambler versions "Per" and "Sport Pro" more character. How is the Ducati scrambler doing on the first exit?

That had happened D.ucati presented differently: Lively from the triumphal procession of their Scrambler 800, the Italians launched a version with 1,079 cm3 in 2018. But this time there was no success. For many 800 riders, the upgrade to the 1100 was too expensive, die-hard Ducatisti found her too good, fashion-conscious hipsters she wasn’t cool enough – in every target group she lacks that certain something that makes the spark jump. That is why Ducati is already revising it after two years and introducing two new models: the Scrambler 1100 Pro and the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro with Ohlins chassis tested here. Really not much has changed compared to the past, and yet the new one looks completely different: cheeky, bold and sexy, just as it should be for a real scrambler.

Upper body tilted forward

The most obvious changes are the two short, bulging mufflers on the right-hand side – the old version carried them on the left and right of the seat, a real break in style for Scrambler. This is added to the variant "Sports" a very wide and low handlebar with bar-end mirrors, as usually worn by cafe racers – are the Italians committing another style break after all? It could be, but in combination with the matt black finish, the front now looks razor-sharp and aggressive. In the saddle, however, it takes a certain amount of time to get used to, because anyone expecting a comfortable seat will be disappointed: the upper body is leaned forward, the elbows protrude upwards. On expressways and especially on motorways, the driver quickly feels like a bagged windscreen and doubts the purpose of this sail pole.


The Scrambler 1100 is not an off-roader, but it cuts a fine figure on dirt roads.

The tester also initially struggled with the seating position, but soon found herself wrong in the Tuscan hills around Arezzo: If curves and bends follow each other every second, the low handlebars, which are only slightly curved backwards, ensure excellent control and plenty of reassuring feedback from the front wheel. The sporty, forward-leaning posture literally cries out for attack, the Scrambler Sport Pro turns out to be a first-rate curve predator. Agile and supple, it meanders over the narrow passes and through the dense forests in the Casentino mountain valley, with radii of all sizes going off its wheels as light as a feather. Support comes from the Ohlins chassis, which Ducati has made more pleasing on the new model: The fully adjustable fork no longer stucks, its response behavior is perfectly fine. The directly hinged strut, on which the spring base and rebound stage can be adjusted, still looks very tight and reacts rather unwillingly on bumpy roads: it sometimes reaches unevenly in the asphalt to the spine.

Motor homologated according to Euro 5

The greatest pound of the 1100 scrambler remains its fascinating engine even in its new guise. Ducati has already homologated the air-cooled V2 for the new Pro models according to Euro 5, but still has almost 85 hp and a good 90 Nm of torque from the cooling fins. And to be honest: no one needs more power on a motorcycle without fairing, because from 150 km / h at the latest, the headwind becomes uncomfortably exhausting. And until then – if need be, but also beyond that – this air cooler ensures full driving pleasure and a gorgeous soundscape. Not annoyingly loud, but with a sonorous bubbling and pithy bass. However, Ducati has given him the habit of constantly slapping the exhaust pipe that characterized the previous model. Almost a shame, somehow you miss it. Below 2,000 rpm the V2 does not like to accelerate – that is probably due to the Euro 5 homologation – but then it marches forward with a strong acceleration and holds a lot of pressure ready up to around 7,000 rpm. Beyond this limit, however, the magic fizzles, but a V2 feels most comfortable at medium speeds anyway. The pull-through works better than before: Even from 50 km / h in sixth gear, the Scrambler is now at least halfway willing to advance.


New only for the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro: flat and wide handlebars with bar-end mirrors.

In addition, Ducati did some fine-tuning on the new Scrambler Pro. The brake hose, which in the old version rose above the instruments like a wild lasso, is now guided to the side and is no longer in view. This is one of the reasons why the front looks much more pleasing. Another improvement, which especially those who love to travel will be pleased about: While the first 1100 scrambler could stow a maximum of one credit card due to the lack of mounting options, there is now space for a bag on the passenger seat because Ducati has donated luggage hooks under the new, ultra-short mudguard. There is not enough capacity for the extended trip to the North Cape, because the end pots on the side limit the size of the luggage, but a weekend trip is always possible. The fact that there is no room for a passenger does not have to be harmful. He or she would only be able to endure the short, narrow bench with particularly deep love and an increased capacity for suffering.

Prices start at 13,590 euros

Otherwise, technically everything remains the same. The equipment includes cornering ABS and three driving modes, namely Active, Journey and Urban, which differ primarily in terms of their responsiveness and the earlier or later intervention of the traction control. In city mode, the performance is also slightly cut. The easy-to-read instruments provide all the necessary information, only the range display was conspicuous in the test, which crashed several times and finally only showed a worrying 34 km – although a good three liters of fuel still sloshed in the tank. The price remains: the Scrambler 1100 Sport Pro with Ohlins chassis and low handlebars costs 15,590 euros. The cheaper model Pro (without Sport) is available for 13,590 euros. It comes with a Marzocchi fork and Kayaba strut, high handlebars and a light paint job.


Ducati has made sensitive improvements to the Scrambler 1100 in some areas. The Scrambler cut a good figure in the first test, especially on winding roads. However, you have to get used to the sitting position first. The 1100 scrambler is still not a bargain.

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