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Ducati Streetfighter V4 in the driving report

It serves 208 hp in a sophisticated but never boring way

We were able to ride the Ducati V4 Streetfighter in Bergisches Land for the first time and enjoyed a real contender for the crown in the Power Naked Bike segment.

That the D.ucati V4 Streetfighter could really win in the Power Naked Bike segment is not only due to the V4 drive that the Streetfighter got from the Superbike Panigale V4S. But the 90-degree V-engine with 1,103 cubic was refined again in 2020 and you can feel that in every driving situation.

Ducati Streetfighter can also be moderate

Thanks to three finely tuned modes, the Streetfighter can both everyday life and the hard attack on the country road or the full attack on the racetrack. For example, with the Ducati you can enjoy cruising on country roads in road mode, swim easily in city traffic and tackle the home route moderately. In doing so, it accelerates tamely and still serves enough pressure to glide through the main street of the next small town even in fourth gear, for example, without the engine bucking at lower speeds. The vibrations are never annoying, rather they underline the character of the V4.

Becomes an animal at the push of a button

If that’s too good for you, you can switch to sport mode. Then the Streetfighter pilot experiences a somewhat more aggressive throttle response and noticeably more torque from around 4,500 rpm. And actually without any hardware changes to the engine. Yes! Only the mappings were made especially for the Streetfighter and Ducati has changed the gear ratio so that the majority of the 208 hp power is below 9,000 rpm. gathered around the rear wheel. And that’s exactly where the crescendo on the country road finally takes place, since you can do without the 6 hp more that the superbike left. If the bolt is not enough in sport mode, you can switch to race mode. Then the Duc jumps right on the gas, turns like the wind and just wants to mimic the killer. In sixth gear, the limit is then 15,000 rpm! However, it then has to be kept above 3,500 rpm, otherwise, as with the old Streetfighter, a more uncouth character sets in.

Playful handling

Overall, the Streetfighter impresses with its simple handling. Thanks to its low weight of 199 kg (S version with a full tank), it literally follows the pilot’s commands blindly. The Duc folds down in a flash and behaves absolutely neutrally in an inclined position – that is super athlete level. The S version relies on an Ohlins chassis of the highest category. A TTX36 shock absorber at the rear and a chrome-coated NIX30 fork at the front. Both damper units are controlled by the electronic Smart EC 2.0, which intervenes at any time based on the driving conditions. The basic setup is of course designed to be sporty and tight.


In general, the Streetfighter’s electronics package is superbike-class. From cornering ABS with selectable Supermoto set-up to wheelie control (can be switched off), eight-stage traction control, various engine braking torque scenarios to slide control, everything is on board that the modern ECU delivers today. The equipment package is very extensive on both the standard and the higher-priced S version. Both have the quick shifter with blipper function, for example. But also the very good braking system with Brembo-Sytlema M 4.30 calipers, 330 mm discs and the Brembo radial pump is part of it.

Attention competition

All of this made a lasting impression on us. Especially the sophistication with which the Streetfighter goes to work without being boring. Rather, we were pleased that an extravagant Ducati no longer has to be capricious, but the finest manners define its character. In any case, we’re dying to let the Ducati Streetfighters loose on the competition to find out who has now earned the crown in the Power-Nakeds. The Streetfighter is definitely a very hot candidate.

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