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E-Choppers E-Bullet (2018)

With an electric heart and record ambitions

At the Swiss Moto 2018 in Zurich, the E-Bullet from the company E-Choppers was presented, a bike that should especially inspire acceleration fans.

AT.The E-Bullet was praised with the pithy words in the run-up to the Swiss Moto motorcycle fair in Zurich "strongest electric chopper in the world". Now it has been revealed and the attribute "strongest" does not refer to sheer performance.

With a weight of only 165 kilograms and a maximum torque on the rear wheel of 860 Newton meters – this is where the superlative is hidden – the Swiss mechanical engineer Peter Fassler builds what is probably the most powerful electric chopper in the world. To achieve that, the "Central Swiss" from Oberiberg pulled out all the stops and installed an electric motor that had to prove itself in races on the Isle of Man.

In three seconds to 100 km

The power of the Curtis electric motor is given as 42 kW at 3,200 turns. A gearbox was completely dispensed with, and a clutch is also sought in vain. Anyone who turns the e-gas simply reaps propulsion. In just 3 seconds it should go from zero to 100 km / h. Record breaking. The top speed is 140 km / h – quite sufficient for a species-appropriate chopper locomotion.


The electric motor and the scalable battery are hidden behind this grid.

The electric motor draws its energy from a scalable battery with a capacity of 4.8 to 13.5 kWh. With the onboard fast charger, the energy storage device should be able to be recharged in around 1.5 hours. E-Choppers do not specify a maximum range. The charge status and other information can be queried via an app on the smartphone. An automatic side stand combined with the footrest and starting with the "keyless" function are further features of the E-Bullet.

The battery and electric motor were built into a tubular steel chassis developed in-house. At the front there is a flat telescopic fork in the fork bridges, which guides a spoked wheel. At the back, a fat low-profile tire also rotates on a wire-spoke rim. In between, the finest custom design and a deep-seated single seat stretch. The E-Bullet driver has to do without a rumbling sound, because the E-Bullet moves completely silently.

Should a financially strong investor be found, Fassler could also imagine launching the E-Bullet in small series. This can of course also be adapted to customer requirements.

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