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Ducati XDiavel S "Iceberg White"

Presentation at Faaker See

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Ducati has given the Ducati XDiavel S a new color. The new XDiavel in "Iceberg White" will be presented to the public for the first time at Lake Faak.

Ducati uses the custom bike and cruiser event at Faaker See to develop a new variant of the D.ucati XDiavel S to introduce. The XDiavel S, presented for the first time in 2016, will also be available in the “Iceberg White” color in the future. With the new XDiavel color variant, the Italians want to show a little preview of the 2018 model year. Aside from the new color, Ducati has given the "Iceberg White" a new driving set-up to improve driving comfort. Ducati has not yet announced when the XDiavel S will be available in the new color and how much it will cost.

Incidentally, the event at Lake Faak starts tomorrow and ends on September 10, 2017. Last year, the organizer welcomed almost 120,000 visitors to the event. Also this year there should be a lot to offer at the event in Austria.

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