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E.&E XR 338 Street Tracker Concept

Hey Harley, that’s how beginners work

At Harley-Davidson they are still struggling with a small new entry-level model. E.&E from Italy has now simply put a corresponding machine on its wheels.

E.&E – stands for Engines Engineering – is a motorcycle development service provider based near Bologna in Italy and with 40 years of experience. In addition to the daily test work, the Italians also repeatedly implement complete prototypes. The first draft of the modern Suzuki Katana based on the GSX-S 1000 from 2017 is undoubtedly one of the more well-known machines.


Now E&E a steep pass to Milwaukee to Harley-Davidson. The E&E XR 338 Street Tracker Concept shows what a new entry-level Harley could look like. Harley-Davidson itself does not really come into the pots with the entry-level model. There are already numerous lip service and the first prototypes ready for series production for a Benelli twin in the new environment

Like Harley-Davidson, E&E for his concept the new 338 cm³ in-line twin cylinder from Benelli parent company Qianjiang. E knitted around it&E has its own tubular steel frame that surrounds the 37 hp twin at the sides. A spring strut on the outside right supports the tubular steel swing arm on the frame. In front, the Italians are betting on a USD fork. The ten-spoke cast wheels are fitted with large-tread tires. The design of the XR 338 picks up on the legendary lines of the flat-track Harley XR 750 with the flat tank-seat line and the indicated start number plates. In front of the digital cockpit, there is an elongated LED headlight in another "Start number board". The 2-in-1 exhaust ends on the right in front of the rear wheel.


The implementation of the E&E XR 338 Street Tracker from concept to ready-to-drive prototype took 120 days. If a manufacturer shows interest in series production, this will be possible in just under six months, says E&E know.

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