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Ducati Scrambler Hashtag (2018)

Special model available online only

With the Ducati Scrambler hashtag, Ducati has presented a new special model based on the Scrambler Sixty2 and only available online.

I beg your pardon? The Ducati Scrambler hashtag should only be available online? Does the order proceed similarly to the larger and better-known online shops according to the scheme product in the shopping cart, check payment options, select delivery options, complete the order and wait for the delivery service? Not quite. In order to get in possession of a hashtag, prospects must purchase on one eInitiate a website specially set up for this purpose. The ordering process begins by clicking the buy button.

A form must then be filled out and an authorized dealer selected from whom the Ducati Scrambler hashtag can be picked up and the purchase completed. In order to complete the online order, a deposit of EUR 500 must be made beforehand by credit card. The sales contract is then signed with the authorized dealer. After the balance has been paid, the purchase is complete. It’s as easy as using Amazon & Co. is not the ordering process.

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 as the basis

The bike that Ducati has declared as a special model is fundamentally based on the Ducati Scrambler Sixty2. Ducati has not given any information about a limited number of units. As with the sister model, a 399 cm³ V2 engine is used, which produces 40 hp at 8,750 rpm and is ideal for A2 driver’s license holders. When it came to the paintwork, Ducati opted for a color scheme called “Midnight Black”.


The Ducati Scrambler hashtag costs 6,990 euros.

Otherwise, the new hashtag is not that different from Sixty2. The seat height is still 790 mm. The Ducati Scrambler Hashtag weighs 183 kilograms. According to the manufacturer, consumption levels off at 4.6 liters per 100 kilometers. The tank holds 14 liters. The other key data of the hashtag: tubular steel frame, 41 mm Showa fork at the front, Kayaba mono strut at the rear, 18-inch light-alloy rims at the front, 17-inch light-alloy rims at the rear, initial tires from Pirelli, 320- mm brake disc with floating two-piston brake calipers at the front, 245 mm brake disc with floating single-piston brake calipers at the rear and ABS as standard.

Finally, the question arises, what should the new hashtag cost? Ducati is asking 6,990 euros for the new little "online scrambler", which will be available exclusively in France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Portugal from March 2018. Compared to the Sixty2, which costs 7,790 euros according to the list price, the hashtag is 800 euros cheaper. If you decide to buy the hashtag, you will also receive a 20% discount on the official scrambler clothing and scrambler accessories from Ducati.

Anyone interested in how the basic Sixty2 performed on the road should take a closer look at the following driving report:

Modern Classic

Ducati Scrambler Sixty2 in the driving report

Hipp? Hipster? Scrambler?

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Official website for the Ducati Scrambler hashtag

Manufacturer video for the Ducati Scrambler hashtag

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