The highlights of the Intermot

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The highlights of the Intermot


The highlights of the Intermot

The highlights of the Intermot
Designer drugs

There are stimulants under the hand on every street corner ?? or soon at your motorcycle dealer. Whether wacky naked bikes, wild street fighters or mega-sized super athletes: just looking at the new bikes is addicting.

Gert Thole


BMW tried for a long time with sheer common sense. What Bayerische Motorenwerke offered its customers was always solid, sober and purpose-oriented. German through and through. And that was the right thing to do, the success proved the Munich-based company to be right. But times are changing, the markets are on the move. The Bavarians too. They had only just shocked the motorcycle world with the K 1200 S power bike, then the next hammer follows: an ultra-brutal naked bike based on the K with the simple abbreviation R for roadster.
More than the S, the R will shift the standards in its segment. Never before has a manufacturer dared to build a naked motorcycle with so much power. The engine will only lose a few of the 167 hp of the S model due to a modified air flow, so that more than 160 horses are still galloping up. This violence could spark such a storm that the 135 hp of a Benelli TnT 1130, on the other hand, act like a mild breeze. A shortened final translation brings the bare K additional thrust. It will be interesting to see whether the roadster will be able to pulverize all previous records in terms of acceleration.
At first glance, the chassis looks unchanged. However, the Duolever is a little steeper than the S, which should benefit the handling. According to BMW, the minimalist wind deflector above the distinctive twin headlights offers “surprisingly good wind protection”. We’ll see. A narrower seat allows smaller riders to stand securely. While the footrest position remains unchanged, the slightly higher handlebars result in a more upright, yet sporty sitting posture.
The price for the K 1200 R has not yet been calculated, and Munich is still thinking about surcharge lists and color variants. In contrast to the S, the semi-integral ABS will not be standard, but extra. It is also certain that the delivery will begin in the second half of the coming year, even if some customers will still be quite confused about the radical nature of the announced turnaround in Munich.
In contrast, the fact that sensational test-tube drugs are mixed in Austrian laboratories is less surprising. The newest product under the label KTM is the 990 RC8 Venom. The half-faired version of the sports car RC8, which went into series production in 2007, presented at Intermot is a study, but with a realistic chance of being built. The large number of visitors to the KTM stand can be seen as a positive indicator of the addiction factor. The design with its jagged lines is no less extreme than that of the athlete RC8.
In principle, the Venom is in the same segment as the 990 Superduke, which will be launched soon. While the big Duke is based on the latticework of the Adventure, the chassis for the RC8 models was completely redesigned with the active help of MOTORRAD tester Mini Koch. The muffler under the engine and the powerful aluminum swing arm are characteristic. Both RC8 models are powered by the 1000 cm3 V2 with injection and 136 hp peak power.
It moves in completely different spheres Sachs Mad Ass 500, which surely turns on not because of its performance, but because of its completely wacky design. Hard stuff for all big city junkies who have already come into contact with the gateway drug Mad Ass 50. Like the Beast, which caused quite a stir a few years ago, the Mad Ass of
Target design created. In contrast to the V2 naked bike, which was just a study, the 500 series should go into series production in the near future as the top model of a Mad Ass series. However, hardly with the Enfield single-cylinder of the prototype, as a more suitable drive can certainly be found on the market.
With the new one, Suzuki brings a drug with the highest potential for addiction that will soon be sold legally GSX-R 1000
in circulation. After the big GSX-R, for a long time the dominant force in the supersport sector, was last ironed by the competing Japanese trio, Suzuki takes a break on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the GSX-R series. Everything new, with a whopping 180 hp and a dry weight of just 166 kilograms ?? this will be a tough one for the ZX-10R and R1.
The four-cylinder is based on the cast parts of its predecessor, but the engineers vigorously remodeled its interior in order to improve the gas throughput. The measures range from injection with a larger intake manifold diameter and double injection valves through expanded channels, larger and light titanium valves to the unusual stub silencer. The maximum speed could be increased by a smooth 1000 revolutions through the reduced mass. A clutch with back torque limiter stabilizes the chassis when braking. Racing drivers will also welcome the fact that the position of the swing arm axis can be changed using inserts. Weight was saved in every corner: the frame and swingarm had to be slimmed down, as did the wheels and lots of add-on parts such as integrated indicators. They are ten grams lighter each. That sounds ridiculous, but only consistency leads to the goal.
The triumph Speed ​​triple Lots of consumers were already addicted in the past. The mother of all street fighters now comes in a completely new, even more radicalized look, a new wave of addiction is already emerging. Because the English have succeeded in adding a new bodywork to the previous chassis
so that the Speed ​​Triple is hardly recognizable. Thanks to its larger displacement, the three-cylinder got the pressure it needed to keep up with the competition. The short stub tail already indicates: The Speed ​​Triple is more something for the sole enjoyment. The British have developed a wide range of accessories for individual refinement.
Finally, a narcotic drug, the first photos of which should already call the drug search on the scene: the Yamaha MT-01. A mighty hammer, implemented from the study to the series with such an uncompromising approach that the Japanese had not been expected to do before. A bitter street fighter with
huge bumper cruiser engine, whose primeval power is transferred to the viewer even when the vehicle is stationary. Thus a worthy successor to the legendary Vmax, which Yamaha categorizes as a “Torque Sports” machine, a combination of a high-torque cruiser drive with suspension elements from the supersport sector.
The V2 from the Road Star Warrior has been extensively modified. The flywheels are for greater agility
decreased, an exup system increases the torque and reduces it by the
increased resistance, the increased risk of misfires with huge individual cubic capacities. The shell of the two silencers is made of titanium. The left-hand belt drive of the cruiser had to give way to a chain on the right-hand side, so the intermediate shaft could be saved. The swingarm and frame are die-cast aluminum parts cast using a process used exclusively by Yamaha.
With the market launch, Yamaha is bringing a whole range of accessories, ranging from stylish clothing and styling parts to three tuning kits. The first tuning kit is still legally consumable, the other two may only be enjoyed “on race tracks”. Where an MT-01 is unlikely to get lost. The performance can be increased from the standard 90 HP to over with the racing parts
Push 100 hp.
One thing is clear: the new machines don’t give a damn about common sense or conventions. They target deeply hidden instincts, some will fall for them and plunder their accounts regardless.

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The highlights of the Intermot

The highlights of the Intermot
Designer drugs

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