Top test BMW R 1100 S.


Top test BMW R 1100 S.

Top test BMW R 1100 S.

The two souls of the S

Is she really an athlete or is she more of a dynamic tourer? That depends on the perspective and where you are currently traveling. Because the R 1100 S does not always succeed in uniting its two souls without any inner conflict.

On some days, motorcycling gains such a density that the character of a machine flips open like in time lapse, and a whole relationship story unfolds between it and the driver. For the BMW
R 1100 S and the author of these lines
September 29th was such a day. The day after the IDM finale, when the top motorcycles of the German racing scene were only available for MOTORRAD. In all the glitz that had gathered there, the R 1100 S initially only had a shabby supporting role as a transport servant: »To Hockenheim, but fast. And with this half tank of fuel because I don’t feel like filling up. It’s also cold and wet, so let the heated grips glow and blow a bit of waste heat from your big ears onto my feet. «Challenged, reliable and done with low fuel consumption, left standing.
For a short time, impressions from the journey braced themselves against being suppressed. Thanks to good steering behavior, reliable tires and a comfortable seating position, the spray on the country road to the autobahn inspires confidence-
bringer. Later 235 things according to the speedometer, in a textile suit and with a backpack, respect. Instead, there are bloodcurdling vibrations at higher speeds, robust switching and load change noises, typical of BMW. Then the fascination of superbikes won, of driving the racetrack and racing drivers got the upper hand.
It was later on now
sunny afternoon when photographer Jorg Kunstle brought the S back into play. After all, she was the sports boxer, he said, so he wanted some crisp curve photos. Yes, here in the race-
training, where else? Why battleship? With the 243 kilograms I ended up-
Lich especially to haul the engine. He
was right. The R 1100 S electrified the initially reluctant driver from the first lap, gave a foretaste of its convincing performance in the top test course in the narrow right-left-right chicane of the small course by being under full acceleration-
The inclination changed very nimbly. This fits in with how it is in the difficult passage after the Sachs-
corner was able to keep the tight line even at full throttle in second gear or the security with which she found her way through the long right-hand bends of the grand course at high speed.
How is she able to do that? Thanks to an almost perfect balance, a tight set-up and because the light alloy frame, which it is the only boxer BMW to have, promotes steering precision through its high torsional rigidity. The icing on the cake is of course the wheels. Apart from the aluminum shift drum, they are probably the only parts of the S on which BMW has consistently used lightweight construction; their gyroscopic forces at high speeds remain very low. It’s nice that this can be felt everywhere and all the time, not just in locked driving laboratories such as the top test course or a race track. Because whatever helps you through a chicane makes it easier
one too, to easily meet the narrow passage between bitumen strips and damp leaves on the country road.
That the S, as the sportiest BMW on the racetrack, is more fun than really fast and pretty
is often overtaken, so it is not due to the chassis. Even the lean angle, which the protruding cylinders allow, offers ambitious pilots enough options. At the Boxer Cup races, for example, where professionals bend spectacularly with stripped, slightly chassis-modified S. Even the integral ABS safety feature, frowned upon by sports drivers, is more of an advantage than a disadvantage on the racetrack. You just have to be careful not to slow down within the control range shortly before turning in, then nothing stands in the way of relaxed braking.
No, the only thing missing is performance. What drives on racetracks today has at least 15 hp more, 40 kilograms less and also no bad chassis. There is nothing for the S.
to make up for. Not even by one
Smooth throttle response, which makes it easier to open up in full lean position, or with a lot of torque at low speeds. Especially not when the upper part of the measured
94 HP can only be released with brutal vibrations. The worst a boxer has ever had in the MOTORRAD test.
The two souls of the S, the sporty chassis and the rugged, rustic engine core, come closest to each other on the drive home in the evening. Splendid
winding streets in the Kraichgau and on the Stromberg, in whose twists less top performance than unexcited pulling power is required, put the boxer in the limelight far better than the motorway or race track. In renouncing extreme maneuvers, the S proves to be a motorcycle with high basic speed that its driver easily integrates
State of remoteness and highest concentration at the same time. It has nothing to do with transfiguration. It works precisely because it conceals neither its weaknesses nor its strengths and thus reinforces the trust placed in it. For example, by the tight coordination of your spring elements sometimes positive and sometimes negative, but always clearly noticeable. Still unreservedly praised on the slopes, it lets the S roll along rather unevenly on distinctly wavy roads. It stays that way even with the rebound damping wide open. Basta. But what hits you can easily ride off with light support in the footrests. Here again, the successful placement of pegs, bench and handlebars helps, which allow the pilot to dynamically adapt his position to different driving maneuvers and requirements. Such things are much more important than ostensible comfort.
Therefore, gimmicks on the chassis are worthwhile at most with the spring base of the down-
rear shock absorber. Because it can be conveniently adjusted hydraulically to different drivers, passengers and luggage. And because you can influence the steering characteristics a little depending on your taste. With more preload (less negative spring deflection) than the strict doctrine preaches, the BMW gains a bit more handiness. On the other hand
provide the usual 30 percent negative suspension travel ?? that would be 39 millimeters with the driver seated? for a little more stability, especially during extreme braking. Of course, it is rarely needed. Fortunately, during MOTORRAD’s photo and test drives, the toughest braking maneuvers did not take place on the autobahn, on the country road, or even on the race track. But with the brake measurement. But then the difference became apparent.
Even more: Depending on whether the testers only braked with the hand or, from the start, with the foot pedal, the BMW lifted the rear wheel faster and harder and lurched easily, or it kept the rear wheel on the ground and stayed clean on the track . Strange, because the semi-integral system always activates the rear brake when the driver pulls the front lever. When asked, BMW press spokesman Jurgen Stoffregen confirmed that the ABS software reacts in different ways, depending on where, how and how quickly the brake pressure is built up. However, internal tests would not have revealed a clear connection between actuating the hand lever alone and lower braking stability
surrender. Anyway: The one with this
aHe expressly agrees with the pronounced recommendation to always brake with both levers.

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Top test BMW R 1100 S.

Top test BMW R 1100 S.
The two souls of the S

This is how MOTORRAD tests chassis tuning

MOTORRAD explains the individual criteria of the
1000-point evaluation (part 23).

Tastes are different: Some like it crunchy, others as gentle as possible. But in everyday use, the requirements for spring elements do not differ fundamentally. First of all, the wheels have to stay on the ground, so they should never lose contact with the ground even on hopping slopes. Stamping when braking and accelerating are defects that lead to point deductions. A certain comfort is certainly important, the suspension should swallow individual bumps as much as possible, i.e. respond finely and dampen cleanly. On the other hand, the level of comfort must not go so far that the machine rocks on uneven ground or even breaks through when the road is uneven. A motorcycle can earn a maximum of 40 points here, with front and rear suspension each contributing half.

What else stood out – BMW R 1100 S.

What else stood out Plus Significant progress in terms of constant travel jerking Low consumption 5.00-inch rear wheel and 170 mm tires are a good choice for everything below the extreme range (5.50-inch rear wheel available for a surcharge) Large range of accessories that also include a sports suspension Center stand as standard minus fuel injections Traces on the cover of the cockpit fairing Although not a critical, but out of date high oil consumption of 0.5 liters per 1000 kilometers Ample play in the drive train Chassis settings Front shock: rebound 21 clicks open Rear shock: spring base 18 clicks open (9 clicks open for easier handling) Rebound 1.25 turns open

Technical data – BMW R 1100 S.

Engine: air / oil-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine, crankshaft lengthways, one high, chain-driven camshaft, four valves per cylinder, bucket tappets, bumpers, rocker arms, wet sump lubrication, electronic intake manifold injection, Ø 45 mm, engine management, double ignition, regulated catalytic converter, E. -Starter, three-phase alternator 600 W, battery 12 V / 15 Ah, bore x stroke 99.0 x 70.5 mm, displacement 1085 cm3, compression ratio 11.3: 1, rated power 72 kW (98 PS) at 7500 rpm, max. Torque 97 Nm (9.9 kpm) at 5800 rpm Pollutant values ​​(homologation) CO 0.38 g / km, HC 0.1 g / km, NOx 0.05 g / km Power transmission: primary drive via gear wheels, hydraulically operated single-plate dry clutch, Six-speed gearbox, cardan shaft, secondary ratio 17:33. Chassis: bridge frame made of aluminum profiles, load-bearing motor-gear unit, telescopic fork, stanchion diameter 35 mm, adjustable rebound damping, two-joint single-sided swing arm made of cast aluminum, central spring strut, directly hinged, adjustable spring base and double-disc front damping , Ø 320 mm, four-piston calipers, rear disc brake, Ø 276 mm, double-piston caliper, cast aluminum wheels 3.50 x 17; 5.00 x 17 tires 120/70 ZR 17; 170/60 ZR 17 tires tested Bridgestone BT 010 Chassis data: wheelbase 1478 mm, steering head angle 65 degrees, caster 100 mm, spring travel f / r 110/130 mm. Service data Service intervals every 10000 km, oil and filter change every 10000 km / 4, 1 l engine oil SAE 15 W 40 fork oil SAE 5 spark plugs Bosch FR7 DTC cardan oil hypoid SAE 90 capacity 230 cm3 change every 20000 km idling speed 1100 ± 50 / min valve clearance inlet / outlet 0.15 / 0.30 mm tire air pressure solo (with passenger) front / rear 2.2 / 2, 5 (2.5 / 2.9) barWarranty two years with unlimited mileageColors Phoenix gray metallic, Marrakesh red, frost blue metallic, titanium silver metallic / mandarinPrice 11350 eurosPrice test motorcycle ** 13189 eurosAdditional costs 262 euros

MOTORCYCLE measurements – BMW R 1100 S.

Driving performance Top speed * 226 km / h Acceleration0 ?? 100 km / h 3.7 sec0 ?? 140 km / h 6.5 sec0 ?? 200 km / h 15.3 secDirection60 ?? 100 km / h 5.0 sec100 ?? 140 km / h 5.6 sec 140 180 km / h 7.2 sec Speedometer deviation effective (display 50/100) 46/95 km / h Fuel type Super consumption in the test at 100 km / h 5.0 l / 100 km at 130 km / h 5.2 l / 100 km Landstrasse 4.4 l / 100 km Theor. Range 409 kmDimensions and weightsL / W / H 2200/890/1170 mmSeat height 830 mmTurning circle 6150 mmWeight fully fueled 243 kg Permitted total weight * 450 kg Load 207 kgWheel load distribution f / h 51/49% Tank capacity / reserve * 18/4 liters / h 39.8 meters Average deceleration 9.7 m / s2 Comments: extremely powerful braking system, still not satisfactory to dose with the brake booster. Handling parcours I (fast slalom) Best lap time 21.2 sec vmax at the measuring point 101.4 km / h Comments: The S is characterized by excellent handling, even with a real pull on the rear wheel. At the same time, it wags precisely and does not allow itself to be disturbed by sharp changes in lean angle.Handling-Parcours II (slow slalom) Best lap time 28.3 secvmax at the measuring point 55.1 km / h Comments: The S manages a good lap time, with a one-second lead it is even the fastest BMW here. Nevertheless, the front wheel feels indifferent. With increased preload at the rear, the handling is better, the motorcycle holds the line more easily. Smooth load change at the turning point. Orbit Ø 46 meters Best lap time 11.1 secvmax at the measuring point 51 km / h Comments: Overall very good behavior. When driving over bumps in extreme inclination, the front wheel tends to collapse.

Conclusion – BMW R 1100 S.

Because of its chassis and despite the not exactly lush engine power, the sports boxer is serious about his unofficial model name. He wouldn’t be from BMW if he hadn’t also mastered the kilometers and luggage volume that goes well beyond the brisk short trip. He achieved the third-best score of all BMW models.

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