Top test Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit


Top test Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit

Top test Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit

Power to the people

We say “yes” to the measured 114 hp. We say “yes” to the humanitarian 15,990 marks. We say “yes” to the new 1200 bandit. A motorcycle without flair that gives us the familiar feeling of home despite extensive renovation work.

“I want a test that says it all,” he said. “Everything, do you understand? EVERYTHING! Crawl into the machines, take them apart, drive them empty to the last drop. I want to read how far the reserve goes, how big the tank capacity really is. How long the braking distance, how high the mean deceleration. I want readings, a lot more readings. Data, facts, details. Counts the screws, the cooling fins, the holes in the brake discs. Build pylon plantations, rent high-speed lines, fly with the boxes to the moon, if you like ?? The main thing is that you can find out more about her in the future. ”At first, time and money don’t matter because he wants it that way. And at least he is the editor-in-chief.
Four months and a half million driving tests later, the first top test appears in MOTORRAD 1/2001? the doctoral thesis of colleague Werner Koch on Yamaha’s facelifted YZF-R6. It’s just a shame that Werner hasn’t been the same since then. He thinks in terms of timing, drinks SAE 10W / 40, imagines he is a camshaft. In his worst dreams, Werner is a pylon that is knocked over on the handling course. “That’ll pass,” says the boss and orders the second top test: Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit ?? recently refurbished due to declining sales.
But don’t worry, driving a Bandit still feels like coming home. Without the bitchy cold start behavior, getting on and driving off would be one. Because there is still nothing deterring her. Nothing that gives you a rough idea: Hey, I’m a 114 hp hot iron that can fire you into orbit in no time. With my acceleration and torque values ​​I could go public, with my torque curve for the film. Nothing like that. Because the bandit should appeal to a broad mass. And she likes good home-style cooking. At the lowest possible price? understood. What Suzuki can do with: 15,990 marks are a fair offer for a full-blown big bike. In view of this, one could even negotiate one or the other weakness.
The thing with the reserve and the range and so we don’t want to forget. We’d better start right away. It can stretch until a 20 liter barrel is empty. 20 liters, right. In response to popular requests, Suzuki increased the tank volume. According to the data sheet by one liter. We’ll find out whether it’s true. At the moment, in any case, the tub is full to the brim and five boxes appear on the display of the newly digital gasoline meter, the first of which makes the bend after 65 kilometers at Christian country road speed.
Incidentally, the digitization of the cockpit also recorded the odometer. Total kilometers, trip 1 and trip 2 as well as the time now appear at the push of a button. Actually awkward ?? mainly because it only works with the ignition on. But digital design is now mainstream. Modern people like clear lines. So Suzuki gave the bandit a completely new shape. There is nothing left of the great-aunt-like dignity of earlier models. Instead of old-fashioned round arches, there were sleek straight lines. Very dynamic, the whole thing. And laborious.
After all, this required nothing less than a new frame that ?? anything but coincidental? has gained in stability. Supported by an ensemble of noticeably tighter spring elements, the revised chassis plays along longer in sporty cornering. The current GSF largely distances itself from the violent, unmotivated rocking of its predecessor. In addition, it lies better in the hand, appears more compact, more agile, more direct, which is not least due to the lower handlebars. It promotes the relationship with the front wheel enormously, and the vague feeling of pushing the front section in front of you like a swim ring is definitely a thing of the past.
Rapid lean changes and emergency braking still embarrass the Bandit today. Because the fork is still too soft. Not to be confused with sensitive. She tramples insensitively over bumpy spots. And on undulating asphalt, the reasonably tuned rear suspension strut induces unrest in the chassis.
Mileage 137: Fuel button number disappears into the sink. If this continues, the tank will be low before we are through with the modifications. 116 should be on the engine. Starting with A for exhaust gas cleaning system: It is small, light, called PAIR and works like any other secondary air system. In other words, the emissions of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide are reduced by supplying fresh air to the exhaust manifold. Of course, PAIR has no chance against nitrogen oxide. Only catalytic converters and exhaust gas recirculation systems can cope with this.
At K we come across stronger clutch springs, which are promptly reflected in an increased actuation force. Just behind O is an enlarged oil cooler. But it only gets really exciting from V, where the new carburettors and a reduced valve opening overlap come into play. In conjunction with freshly programmed ignition maps, these changes are intended on the one hand to improve the response behavior and on the other hand to activate more newton meters in the lower and middle speed range.
Unfortunately, the former went wrong. At least on the test machine, which sometimes chokes when you apply the gas. But it has torque. And not too close. From 3500 to 7500 rpm there are permanently over 100 Newton meters. This means a maximum of two switching operations per tank filling. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned at this point that the five-speed gearbox hackles in the lower two floors.
Mileage 215: crap, since when has the third button been gone? Not paying attention once. N / A ?? no matter. It only gets interesting with the last one. Let’s use the time until then with a little excursion into the world of black magic. Michelin Macadam 90X A is the name of the formula for the GSF 1200. And it causes exactly one and a half problems: little feedback, pronounced self-steering behavior, high sensitivity to longitudinal grooves, mediocre grip. With the approved Bridgestone BT 020 life looks friendlier, but the Shimmy transmits ?? this shaking paralysis, which causes handlebar flutter when you take off the accelerator.
Odometer reading 248: The fourth button is just playing, and at the same time the bonsai pump starts to flash above the fifth. After another 36 kilometers, the box threatens to die off. How, now? Can’t be. Aha, reserve tap. Suzuki has really thought of everything? from the adjustable hand levers to the comfortable pillion seat.
334 kilometers: Now the button and fuel pump are flashing in time. And the butt still doesn’t raise the alarm. It was a great idea to retire the old bench. In the long run it was just too soft. 350 kilometers. The matter is slowly getting longer. Maybe give some real material after all. Only enjoy this feeling once more when the four-in-a-row pushes out of the cellar with all its might and you … That‘s it. The End. Out. After 364 kilometers of country road, 80 of which were on reserve.
By the way, boss, there are exactly 20 liters of usable tank capacity, 28 cooling fins and 182 holes in the brake discs. We are not quite through with counting the screws.

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Top test Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit

Top test Suzuki GSF 1200 Bandit
Power to the people

Engine, chassis, plus and minus

Tech-NewsMOTORNew Mikuni carburettors (BSR36), modified camshafts, less valve opening overlap, newly programmed ignition maps, stronger clutch springs, secondary air system, larger oil cooler Six-piston calipers instead of Nissin four-piston front, thicker brake discs Because of the odds and ends, all four spark plugs easily accessibleOil level control via sight glassEasy-to-use chain tensioner Unsatisfactory off, high beam is scattering Adjustment wheel for rebound damping on shock absorber unprotectedFuel cap defective after 3000 kilometers CHASSIS ADJUSTMENTS Front: full preload Rear: 2 clicks rebound, Fe the base at level 4

MOTORCYCLE measurements

Performance1Maximum speed Solo Acceleration solo 0 ?? 100 km / h 0 ?? 140 km / h 0 ?? 180 km / h Pulling solo (with pillion passenger) 60 ?? 100 km / h sec 100 ?? 140 km / h sec 140 ?? 180 km / h secondsTachometer deviation display / effective 50 /, 100 /, 277 / km / hTachometer deviation display / effective / minConsumption in the test Normal at 100 km / hl / 100 km at 160 km / hl / 100 km Country road l / 100 km Theor. Range kmOil consumption l / 1000 kmDimensions and weightsL / W / H mmSeat height mmTurning circle mmWeight fully fueled kg Permissible total weight * kg Payload kgWheel load distribution v / h% tank capacity / reserve * liters 6 m / s2 Comments: Good controllability of the front wheel brake, but the strong immersion of the front section dilutes the feeling for the blocking limit. The fork can deflect as far as it will go on bumps and then tend to punch. Rear brake requires high foot force with good controllability.Handling Parcours IBest lap time 22.4 sVmax at measuring point 92.3 km / h Comments: The motorcycle can be circled around the pylons using the wide handlebars with relatively little steering force. The front section springs in and out when changing lean angles, which affects steering precision and feedback. High counter-steering force (pressure on the inside of the handlebar end of the curve) required in the slow reversing loop.Handling Parcours IIBest lap time 30.1 secondsVmax at measuring point 49.3 km / h Comments: The front deflects a lot when changing lean angles quickly, which makes it restless. Easily and safely touches down with the footrests in the S-curves.Circle orbit 46 meters 0Best lap time 11.80 secondsVmax at measuring point 50.1 km / h Comments: Satisfactory lean angle (foldable footrests). Motorcycle requires a significant counter-steering force in a constant lean angle. The tendency to stand up when braking in an inclined position is slight and easy to control.1 Measurement conditions: temperature 6 degrees, measurement location Jagsttal; MOTORRAD test course, values ​​from handling course and brake test averaged from the three best driving tests. 2 Performance at the clutch. Measurement on Bosch roller dynamometer FLA 203 Maximum possible deviation from DIN measurement ± 5%; * manufacturer’s information


A good-natured, everyday big bike with a high entertainment value. The bandit is undoubtedly worth every one of its 15,990 marks. Now the fork has been revised again, the gear ratio has been shortened by a tooth and a couple of decent tires on it? then the high-flyer is perfect.

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