Touratech BMW F 800 GS – tuned enduro from BMW


Touratech BMW F 800 GS - tuned enduro from BMW

Tuning: Touratech BMW F 800 GS

Tuned enduro from BMW

If you want to drive around the globe and be prepared for anything, you will find it at Touratech. Your upgraded F 800 GS enables you to cross the desert as well as to sit for days on end.

Anyone who rolls to the gas station with this Touratech BMW should go to the ATM and get some money beforehand. Because the original tank with a capacity of 17 liters, which is located in the rear, has a 19-liter front tank. 36 liters times 1.56 euros makes around 56 euros for a full tank. Regardless, because with a consumption of around four liters in tourist driving, this results in a range of gigantic 900 kilometers. Who needs it And especially where?

Clemens Matejka is the workshop manager at Touratech and is also responsible for the conversions. He says: “Correctly used in the sense of necessary these tanks are only used on stages of violence through the deserts of Australia, Asia and Africa or in rallies. But: Has anyone ever wondered why pseudo-SUVs are needed on the road? ”To be able to equip for all eventualities is the motto at Touratech. And that’s exactly what the Swabians develop for. They subject their products to extreme tests on long-distance trips or rally operations. So it also happens that you can find crash pads made of stainless steel and aluminum almost all around on the long-distance travel GS. Everything is protected. From the radiator to the brake fluid expansion tank to the ABS sensor. So that if you fall at the end of the world, everything is not broken. The disadvantage: with the tank full to the brim and all the attachments, the Touratech F 800 weighs in at an impressive 270 kilograms (basic model: 222 kilograms). If you then add the potential world travel luggage of around 25 kilograms, the load comes to almost six hundred pounds.

D.Surprisingly enough, the travel monster can be controlled without any problems once it is in motion. Handling while standing, however, is anything but easy. Maneuvering? Cumbersome. Bucking up on the main stand alone? If you train for the weightlifting championship, you can, of course. But otherwise puff cake. Thanks to the use of a comfort bench, the seat height has also increased by 30 millimeters compared to the series – to 910 millimeters. You have to climb up there first. Flexibility is a prerequisite for getting the leg to the other side of the motorcycle with the case plus a thick roll of luggage attached. But no matter who doesn’t manage this obstacle, he won’t make it around the world.

Once in motion, the Touratech travel steamer can be steered quite comfortably, albeit a bit top-heavy. You sit comfortably, the interior with high cladding, wide tank, hand protectors and GPS is super practical and exudes a real adventure feeling. Only the assembled Heidenau Scout takes some getting used to. The front tire drives completely indifferent and gautscht at low speeds. On the other hand, the pelts function reasonably at accelerated speeds on asphalt and gravel roads. The technicians have found the happy medium when it comes to the fork set-up. The progressive fork springs are a bit too soft for robust off-road excursions with a full tank, but who drives in this extreme area? Comfort is important when traveling, and the coordination fits again. With or without petrol in the additional tank.

But what do you really need for a trip around the world? Clemens Matejka, who has already prepared many bikes for such trips, recommends carrying racks and sturdy aluminum boxes. Raising the fenders is also recommended on the F 800 so that stones and mud do not stop the wheel from turning. He also swears by xenon fog lights, a washable air filter element and aluminum radiator protection. And to ensure that monster stages remain pleasant, the expert refers to a handlebar riser plus touring bench. And if you want, you can improve the wind protection with a special panel. This means that the annual trip can end at the Cape of Good Hope. The after-work trip but also at the quarry pond around the corner. Suitcase right: 30 bottles of beer, suitcase left: buffet for ten people. Nothing is impossible.


Tank bag with a large map compartment, GPS navigation, 19 liter front tank, hand guards, large windshield, xenon headlights.

  • Fender elevation 89.90 euros
  • Motor protection / tool box 59.90 euros
  • Luggage rack and case 31/38 liters, black 899.00 euros
  • Fork springs Hyperproplus 10 oil 149.00 euros
  • Hand protectors 79.90 euros
  • Cockpit desierto 509.00 euros
  • Xenon fog lights ever 129.90 euros
  • Front tank 19 liters, unpainted 899.00 euros
  • Aluminum radiator protection 89.90 euros
  • Kitzbank Kahedo, breathable 369.00 euros
  • Uni-air filter, washable 60.00 euros
  • Flexible turn signals, set 99.90 euros
  • Handlebar riser 20.00 euros
  • Adjustable hand levers 114.90 euros each 229.80 euros
  • Headlight protection, steel 64.90 euros
  • Foldable gear lever 32.90 euros
  • Foldable brake lever 59.90 euros

Touratech AG, Auf dem Zimmermann 7-9, 78078 Niedereschach, Telephone 0 77 28/9 27 90,

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